Coach Carly 10620

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  1. I have been looking for the coach carly 10620 in Khaki/Chocolate Brown for months now. I am wondering if anyone has come across one? I have looked on ebay but I just don't know if I want to risk getting a fake one again. Yes, I ordered off there and it turned out to be fake so I sent it back.

    Thanks everyone,

    P.S Your help is greatly appreciated.
  2. I don't know where you are--but I saw one at the outlet in Blowing Rock, NC. The Khaki/Brown Carly and the Plum Carly. Hope you find it!
  3. Honestly, I would look on ebay. When you do find what you are looking for post it in the Authenticate This thread. Carlys are usually very easy to be able to tell whether they are real or not.
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    I live in Minnesota. Would they ship it to a store up here because I live like an hour from Mall of America and thats the closest coach store I'm near.? What's the phone number of the store?
  5. All of these have been sent to the outlets. I personally wouldn't get one of the signature carlys if you are planning on carrying it everyday. The top of the bag just wears too much. JMO
  6. I had my carly for about 2 months before it frayed.
  7. I had mine for 6 months before it showed wear on the inside edge ... What part of the cities do you live on ... There are other Coach stores other than MOA in the area ...
  8. Have you tried checking the Albertville outlet? Outlets typically do not ship, but if you call them and they have one they can hold it for you until you can come and pick it up.
    That would be your best bet, unless you go the e*bay or Bonanzle route.
  9. Here is the Blowing Rock, NC outlet store's number: (828) 295-0280. Hope you find what you're looking for!
  10. I have never heard of bonanzle. It is just like ebay? I would prefer not to get from ebay and my boyfriend wont let me buy from there because I recently had bought the 10619 from a lady on ebay and I got it looked it over everything was what it should be and I wanted to make sure and took it to Mall of America where the Coach store is and they said it was a fake but a really good one. So I ended up sending it back to the lady.
  11. Bonanzle is similar to e*bay only better IMO :smile:
    But you would definitely need to have it authenticated here first, just like any other auction site.
    That's a bummer that you ended up with a fake. If the whole buying online thing makes you that nervous (which I don't blame you for after that happening), I would definitely give the Albertville outlet a holler. Have you been to that one before?
  12. ^^agree. Although I've had all positive experiences buying on the bay, it's much riskier to me. Bonanzle is a much smaller operation, and mostly has a BIN or best offer type of auction.

    Definitely check it out! There's a bonanzle thread going on in the ebay forum right now. :yes:
  13. I would still have authenticated if you buy it on Bonanzle on this forum.
  14. No I had never heard of it before. I told my boyfriend about it and he said if I call on friday we might go up there if they have one. I hope they do. Also aren't outlets cheaper then those Coach stores like the one in MOA? If so buy how much?