Coach Carley Pucker ???

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  1. Hi all. I recently purchased a small Coach signature Carley and noticed a pucker around the side (outside) near the top. It seems to be caused by a hard structure inside the lining. In most cases it can't be smoothed out. It's on the front or back in the area above where the gold rivets are near the top approaching the zipper. Each purse has one pucker at one corner only, all different corners, though. I've also notced that all of them have this issue to some degree. It's obviously in the manufacaturing process. Does anyone have any thoughts on this? It's such a nice purse.
  2. Lilypad...Could it be because of the straps? They are sorta asymetrical (sp? - it's late) and that could cause that. If they're all that way in that particular bag, then it must be something along that line.

    Night all ! :smile: See you bag-lovin' girls later.