Coach Capacity Wristlet???????

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  1. Hi, I just got this in the magenta leather, and I also have the Chelsea mineral one. I LOVE them!! They hold a lot of stuff!! Here is a pic of the pink patent one. I had bought the magenta leather, but they put the pink patent in the bag and I had to swap it.

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  2. baglady that is gorgeous!! I am definately going to get one then!!! Thank you. Is it easy to put on the shoulder too!! That pink is Gorgeous
  3. :heart:Do you think this color goes with everything?
  4. see page 55 of the "Whats in your coach bag?" thread. there is a picture of a capacity wristlet and what fits into it!
  5. It holds a ton! I am able to get in it: lip balm, LV 4 key holder, mini-skinny, pill box AND my BlackBerry Curve!
  6. Thank you Phutogirl
  7. By the way in no way will this fit on your shoulder.
  8. I have one and it holds a ton!
    I have a small pill bottle, mini skinny, about 50 receipts & coupons, checkbook, pen, extra cards (like store cards), hair bands, gum, cell phone. And I still have room for so much more!
  9. Awww no shoulder. Thanks ladies. I love it, and I am going to get it!!!
  10. Woo hoo good choice! They look so gorgeous! Post pics when you get it!
  11. OMG...I can't help with whether or not it would fit, but I just have to say that i LOve the blue!!!:heart:
  12. I just got the Patent Blue!!! I can't wait to use it!

  13. This definitely won't fit on the shoulder..the strap is not near long enough. You can change the position of the strap so that it's like a small bag, though (there's a D-ring tab inside the wristlet to attach the dog leash clip to). It does hold a lot for a wristlet, but it's just not meant to be an actual bag.
  14. Love it. I can fit my cell phone, money, mints, gum, chapstick, mirror, pill box and keys.