Coach Can Make Perfume? Yes!

  1. Hi Guys,

    I've been interested in Coach's new fragrance and was a bit skeptical. I mean, they make great bags, but what do they know about perfume?

    I love it! I picked up the solid perfume, which is shaped just like a coach hangtag, and it is wonderful! Best of all, it can even double as a charm if you'd like.

    Just thought I'd let you know. Think I'll be asking for the larger bottle for my birthday!
  2. I do not have the solid but I have the large bottle and I love it.
  3. I just bought the smaller purse size yesterday. I love it!
  4. I have the solid and I love it. I keep it hanging from my pear hobo and that way I have it at my fingertips whenever I want!
  5. you can't have the bottle without the hangtag and vice versa!

    i hate it when my perfume fades halfway through the day, but you don't want to drench yourself with it in the strong..just to make it last a big longer.

    and it's annoying to cart around a bottle with everything else

    the solid lets you refresh yourself with the fragrance without

    oh hell, i sound like an ad or commerical. ;)
  6. I love the perfume. Its the only thing I wear now.
  7. I received 4 samples, but I haven't decided on this yet.
  8. Like PyAri, I have received 4 samples from ordering and I LOVE it! I've worn it just about every day!
  9. Ms-whitney you are too funny. :smile: I am going to buy the purse spray for when I go away in June and extra before that of course, and I would like the solid to carry around with me.
  10. I love the perfume. I have worn it daily since I got it last month.
  11. I love it too i bought all 3 cause i couldnt decide and then i decided to sell off the solid and purse one cause i felt i really just needed the big bottle

    i tossed it around a little cause i liked the idea of having it to refresh myself thoughout the day but then i found that the scent stays around really welll!!

    i felt like by the end of the day i still smelled like it :smile: and so i decided it was too much to keep the others too since they are $40

  12. <-- but we love it.
  13. My SA's words exactly!! And that's exactly how I use it, with touch-ups throughout the day! Lovely.
  14. i will be the minority and say i hate they way it smells....i love the design of the bottle but its not my scent.
  15. Just got a sample of the fragrance and at first I didn't think it was that bad. Put one spritz on my wrist and now the smell is making me sick! It's waay too strong.