Coach Calgary Chinook- Flagship!!!!

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  1. It's opening on September 28th!!! I can't believe that I will have access to flagship shopping!!! :yahoo:
  2. I hate you :smile: My boutique used to be a flagship but no more....I'd say your wallet is in trouble...better warn the DH!!
  3. You must be so excited! I have a flagship near me as well....Time to transplant your money tree to a nice sunny place where it gets plenty of water :sunshine:
  4. Ironically I really do have a feng shui money tree that I'm transplanting this afternoon. Lol. Hmmmm. Transplanting a money tree could go really good or really bad!
  5. Bad as in--windy days?! LOL
  6. Wow that's awesome. What is the main difference between a regular store and flagship store?
  7. Lol. It's in a pot in my house but I will be sure to keep it away from breezy doors and windows!

    Flagship stores get all of the good stuff. I always have to order something because they don't have it. And the flagship will have all of the shoes! Yay for shoes!
  8. I don't mean to rain on your parade but the Chinook store will definitely be Fashion, not Flagship.
  9. Oh, bummer. My SA told me flagship a few months ago. Oh well:sad:
  10. I was told Flagship more than once for the Chinook store.
  11. Hey you! Where have you been?

    At least it's going to have shoes, it says so on the store locator on
  12. Hmmmm....I don't know who would have said it was flagship but, yes, it will have shoes.
    Doesn't Southcentre have shoes? I'm pretty sure the Southgate store carries some shoes and it's not a Fashion store.
  13. Nope, no shoes at southcentre. Just some flip flops last summer....
  14. Hey! I dwindled from Coach for a while and now I'm back full force. Well, as much as you can when recovering from a wedding LOL.

    SC has had a lot of shoes lately, sneakers and what not. Nothing like the nice shoes.

    And I heard from numerous SAs, even one manager that it was flagship!
  15. I hope so! Southcentre didn't have any footware. At least the outlet is getting some shoes in!
    Welcome back and congrats on the wedding!