Coach Buying Budget, Anyone Have One?

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  1. I realize this is different for everyone and there's no one size fits all but...

    I'm thinking $1500 per year should be plenty for me. My collection (not just Coach but the whole collection) is lacking nothing really and when I purchase, it should be to replace something with something I love more.

    Additionally, I need to stop buying smalls, I have a box full and those things add up! They are cute though, lol!
  2. I actually try to set mine at that amount, and do the same thing as you - when I want something new it should be to replace something that didn’t work out se well for me. I did quite a lot of that this year, so I don’t know how much I’ve actually spend in new stuff. I don’t have a lot of money, so I’m thinking maybe I should set the $1500 aside somehow at the beginning of the year, and when it’s gone, it’s gone or it’s selling time.
  3. That's a good idea!
  4. I tutor outside of my regular teaching job - so that is my "fun" money. It will vary from year to year, so I don't really have a set budget.
  5. That's what i need, a 2nd job, lol!
  6. I have about $400-500 a month to play around with, but I rarely buy anything purse related with it. I should have been, darn it. Now that I've really discovered the secrets of getting awesome purses at great prices, I need to save up to buy my family a new desk top computer. Ours is incredibly old. Oh well, hopefully after Christmas, I can start buying a bag a month or something.
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    This is a meaningful topic.:smile:I have a coach buying budget for sure! :smile:But since this year I joint FOS on March,wow,that seems way above my budget,I have already spent about $3000,not just for me of course,some I bought for my BFF and Relatives. eventhough I spent above $2000 for myself.And seems I am not going to stop buying this year.

    I do feel guilty in some point,I think next year I need to set a budget in the beginning of the year,I think <$1000 for next year would be my budget aim. :smile: I even hope to spend less than that if I can get coach bags all in great deals. After this year's buying practice,I think I learned some skills of hunting good deals,thanks TPF and your girls.