Coach Bracelets Very SAD!!

  1. So I have been wanting the new Coach bracelets since I heard they were coming out. I finally go to check them out and I can't get my hand through any of them. Ok I don't have a huge hand or a huge wrist! So I was very dissapointed! The SA did tell me that they will be comming out with bracelts that actually open. So I have to wait till then :hrmm:. Oh well what can you do?
  2. Oh man this worries me since I really want the heart bangle!
  3. Yeah...! I was surprised by this when I was shopping. Especially since several of the bangles could easily have disguised hinges.
  4. Me too! I can't wear the Coach bangles either, and I think I have pretty average size hands and wrists. :confused1::sad:
  5. I had the same thing happen during the last PCE event. I ordered two of the smaller bangle bracelets (gold and silver toned) and I had a hard time getting my wrist through the bangles. It was even harder trying to take them off. The bracelets were gorgeous but back they went. I also have the same issue with the smaller sized LV inclusion bangle bracelet. With the inclusion, I always have to ask the SA to look for the largest diameter sized bracelet and then try it on to see if I can easily get my wrist through it.
  6. I have tiny wrists and when I bought my watch from coach they had to take 2 links out, and the stupid bangles don't even fit around my wrists. It's almost like they were made for little kids.
  7. I can get them on, but I can get most bracelets on without having to unhook them. Thats why I hardly ever wear bracelets because I can't stand when they are too big.

    Guess you just have to have the flexibility in your hand to get your thumb out of the way.
  8. They're very small; many people have been irritated about it. I can barely get them over my hands, and i have small hands! I hope they correct this, as I really want one :smile:
  9. weird!!! how frustrating. :tdown:
  10. yeah i know what you all mean about those bracelets! I was just at Coach on Friday and had difficulty putting them on and I, too have small hands and small wrists...the SA was standing right there and she was like "see they fit you" but I was about to say "oh right they just slipped over my hand with no problem at all!" I have to admit though they are beautiful but it's a bi:censor:h trying to get them on and off! when their on my wrist they are fine and there is room to spare for them to dangle around (thank goodness) but i definitely agree that they need to make them to where they open...i would have a ton of them then!
  11. Thank goodness, I thought I was the only one with this problem!
  12. I have the same problem, and I have really small hands and wrists.
  13. I feel better knowing others have this problem, too. I love them and was going to buy one over the weekend, but I went to try them on and there was no way I could get it on. I never thought I had particularly large hands, either! It is very disappointing. One would think they would do some research before putting these things into production. The bracelets will end up in outlets en masse because almost no one can wear them!
  14. wow so i was the opposite, i have HUGE hands (aka man hands hehe) and i was surprised that they are big on me!! not crazy big, but i wish they were smaller! how weird! maybe i got a fluke batch? i only have two of them (orange sig and nailhead blue)

    maybe they do have multiple sizes??
  15. i can't either....guess my hands too fat...