Coach Bracelet - should I keep it?

  1. DH bought me the silver bracelet with the blue enanel for xmas - I absolutely love it - only think is my wrist is so small that when I put my arm down, it slips right off - do you ladies think I should keep it or return it? It really has sentimental value, since I had never even mentioned I wanted one and he picked it out all by himself, but on the other had, if I can't wear it...:confused1:
  2. maybe tell your dh that you love it, but you would like it if the two of you could pick out something new together?
  3. Can you wear it over a sweater so it can stay in place? Otherwise the likelihood of you wearing it is slim, so you need to take it back.
  4. Do the bracelets only come in one size? I've never bought one or seen one in stores. No chance of exchanging it for a smaller size, or taking it to a jewelry store and having them cut it down?
  5. ^^^one size only, which is a bummer, I think I may have to return it...
  6. I have the Gold/Gold and it JUST barely stays on my wrist. Did he get the smallest width one? I think they go up to an inch. I got the 1/4 of an inch cause it wasnt as heavy and doesnt fall off even though I have small wrists and hands. I tried the wider ones and they were just too heavy.
  7. You are so lucky to have that color! When I went at the beginning of December there were only a few left nationwide, so I couldn't get one. I would keep it, not just because I already wanted it lol, but because it has sentimental value.
  8. I think I am leaning twords telling you to keep it to. Lets get creative and think of other ways you could wear it! How about slipping it on one of your bags? Then maybe adding a scarf to it?

    Really try wearing it though for a few days. I have my bangle on my left arm because I dont use it as much as my right and honestly after a day or two It felt comfortable. Just had to get used to it.
  9. It would drive me crazy if I had a bracelet that kept slipping off. I would just tell your hubby that you really love it, but it is not working for you. Maybe you can wear over a heavy shirt or sweater to make it fit.
  10. If you have a bag with a detachable strap/handle, it could be worn on the bag.
  11. i say take it back
  12. As others have said, you could definitely wear it over a sweater in the winter. And have you tried putting it on your ankle? You could wear it as an anklet in the summer!
  13. You all have some good points - I also realized If I return it then I'll have a credit that I'm not sure I would spend - whats a girl to do?
  14. Keep it :smile: Wear it around him :drinkup:
  15. ^^ I agree

    And I would try it with a sweater also