Coach Boxing day sale (canada) 2009


Feb 23, 2007
Today I went to exchange my shoes at DT Burrard st store in Vancouver... I started talking to the SA about PCE and EPCE and she told me that everyone was sent the DEC PCE. She also said the EPCE's were a trial run and that the turn out was soso.

She also told me.... (wait for it.........)That they will not be having their annual boxing day sale this year. She told me that they have been telling all customers that they are not having it this year and to use the DEC PCE. I was wondering if anyone else out there in CANADA has heard this from their coach store and can confirm this?? I personally find it hard to believe that they are not having a boxing day sale with the economy and all. Maybe they changed the 50 off sale to march?? I remember during march or something they were having a massive 50 off sale.

Also they just got a new shipment of shoes in, this includes the sale ones as well.

Just a heads up for the Canadian coachies! Hopefully someone else can find out more and confirm this.


Oct 9, 2008
This is crappy news! The last few times iw ent to the outlet, they didn't have a ton of boutique bags and the outlet is a far drive. I wish they would still do something at the store! Even without any sales, i'm sure they will be 500+ people in line anyways!


i like that bag
Aug 25, 2008
imo not worth the drive to lundy's

last year boxing day, yorkdale had a sale and sherway did not, but they put up a sign on the store window telling ppl that there was no sale there to prevent line-ups lol