Coach boutiques in MI

  1. So, I live 3-4 hours away from every Coach boutique in the state, and have never been able to go to an actual Coach store. I'd like to be able to order from a store in hopes i get invited to the next PCE event. Any recomendations on which MI store I should call and order from?
  2. where about in Mich are you?
  3. Yeah, where are both of you?! I live in Grand Rapids and we have a Coach boutique here at Rivertown Crossings Mall. The SAs there are very nice and helpful!!
  4. I live in Vanderbilt, which is ten miles north of Gaylord. I live close-ish to West Branch's Coach outlet, but everything else is quite a hike
  5. Hey Karen! I'm close to Alpena! so bummer, we're both in the same situation. I don't have boutique experience, I've just ordered online or through JAX. I'll definitely keep checking back in this thread to see what other Michiganers think! Thank you!

    by the way, LOVE the headband! did you find that in Michigan?
  6. The Coach store in Troy (Somerset Mall) usually has a large selection. I forgot the Store Manager's name...I'll see if I can find it - I know I have her card somewhere!
  7. Right now they have a very small selection during the remodel (no mens, shoes and some other things).

    The SM is Marisa.
  8. Sprinkles, if you don't mind me asking, do you work at Somerset? or somewhere in Michigan? :flowers:
  9. oooh...I didn't know they were remodeling!
  10. I get all my goodies out of the Toledo store...I know if you phone them and ask for Tina...she is SUPER! They will gift wrap and ship everything for free to your home...the only problem is trying it on ahead of time...

    If you get a chance I hear there is a nice outlet store at birchrun.
  11. I was born and raised in Muskegon...we have family in Grand Rapids.
  12. Pama, where are you now?

    I guess I never realized how spoiled I was here in GR. But really, other than GR and the Detroit area, there probably aren't very many places for heavy shopping in Michigan, especially for the gals up north! Once you get north of Saginaw/Bay City things really get limited! I hear, though, that the West Branch factory store has a lot more than Birch Run. I was they many, many years ago so I don't remember.
  13. Yea! Somerset is fun... and I was there last week, and it was VERY tiny since they have moved to a smaller place, while remodeling the other space. I think I am going to travel to other stores a bit, just to spice things up - and because I don't know how they are going to fit more then 5 people in that store right now!!

    The SAs at Somerset are very nice, but there are also boutiques near me in Novi, Lakeside, Dearborn, and... Ann Arbor - was that the other one?? I can't remember, I haven't been to the ones that are further south. I have met great SAs at all of the stores I've been to in MI, so you can't go wrong with any of them, IMO. :yes: (Somerset, Novi, or Lakeside)

    I have a feeling Somerset is going to be crazy to get orders through until they are done with the remodel, just because it is smaller and I think they have less SAs there with the smaller space. However, during the day in the week, is a great time to shop at any Coach store. ;)
  14. Yes, if you live close to West Branch the outlet there is really nice. It's been awhile since I've been to that one since Birch Run is closer, but West Branch has signature items so I'll be making the 2 hour trip next Friday...then I'm going on ban!

    I rarely even go into boutiques because my budget will only allow some serious discounts. Perhaps I'll luck up on the next PCE.
  15. Iggy, where are you?