Coach boutique didn't even know about this!

  1. So, I was looking for this Coach - New BRASS SCRIPT HEART KEYFOB on the Coach websitesaw and came across this Coach - New SIGNATURE HEARTS PONYTAIL SCARF!
    I mean, SO cute!
    So i RAN, not walked, into my Coach boutique (only to be told my sa is no longer working there, after, like, 8 years!) and they were like, ''nuh-uh, there is no such thing. look , its not even on the website. it must be a fake".

    so i say, 'i just saw it on the website'

    the lady lets me look into the counterset computer and there is NONE among the scarves.

    I told her i did a search for 'heart'
    she should try that b4 she gets all smiley-snotty with me like i just fell of the friggin turnip truck.

    she searches...and the search takes forever...and she sneers....

    AND THEN....


    I do kinda hope she felt stupid, even though that is mean to say. i am a very long time customer and its rude for an sa to say it must be a fake, or act all that kinda snotty. (must i remind you, they work in the CUSTOMER SERVICE INDUSTRY! WE BUY WHAT THEY SELL!)

    anyhow. i ordered one, and another sa came by and screeched how much she loved it and wanted one. she claims she is ordering one for herself.

    so, there goes another day in the life of an addict.

    end of story: im so friggin stoked! i can't wait! 3 days for delivery b/c they ordered it offline for me! no ship if you order off line through store!

    have a nice night ladies!
  2. i found it awhile ago & posted a thread about it.

    i typed muffler in the search button on & it came up .
  3. I loveee it! The SA was ignorant for saying that- it's IN THE CATALOG!!!! durr, we look at the things all day long!
  4. maybe they're just not as smart as you sprinkles!
  5. You win! I love that ponytail scarf too...but I think I am loving the brushstroke hearts scarf more...yum!

    so, if you order it in a store, they will ship it to your house for free? hmm...interesting...
  6. I had trouble getting the Carly at the PE Event. The SA couldn't figure out how to order it. She did call a Philly Store and they told her they had them.

    I had bought a PE card on eBay before knowing I was going to get one. So I used the card a few days later at another store. The girl was able to order it for me. I also bought too much other stuff...
  7. aww photoobessed!

    that sucks that your SA leaves...eight years is a long time.

    i always wonder what i'm going to do when i leave, how to tell customers. mind you i have a few that randomly pop up with requests but i'm not always there, so when they call/come in its when i'm not working

    and it takes awhile to track me down :p

    but i'm glad you got your keyfob and scarf!

    the scarf one is veryyyyy cute IMO.

    btw, the carly comes in a small size for $218. i know that's totally random but it's not in the catalog and it's only for order now in case anyone's interested
  8. I always get really irritated with people automatically assume I must be off my rocker (though I probably am anyway ;)) because they haven't heard of something I know exists. I always feel better when I "win" and prove them wrong. I definitely have a told you so personality, which my husband does not find too endearing.:smile:
  9. photoobsessive, ugh!! I KNOW how you feel!

    When I ordered my Legacy Signature Patchwork Tote and wallet through Coach CS, I told the girls at my local Coach boutique about it... they thought I was crazy cause the style number wouldn't come up in their computers. When it arrived and they called me to go in and pick it up, they couldn't stop talking about it... None of them had ever seen that line before.

    I hate it when an SA tries to make you out like if you don't know what you're talking about!! :yucky:
  10. Congrats! I'll be getting mine soon. As soon as they hit the store, no rush for me I'm wearing on Valentine's day.
  11. Agh! I love that scarf!! I'm getting that in February! Or maybe I'll ask for it as a present.

  12. What size is the small Carly? Same as the pouch, or in between pouch and medium?
  13. sprinkles...not all SAs are ontop of things as you are....your awesome.

    So glad to hear that it all worked out in the end photoobsessive. I am thinking about getting one too. Please post pics when you get it.

  14. it's in between, from memory it's 9 and 3/4 by 5 or 5 and 1/2.

    it almost looks like the 178$ shoulder bag? they discontinued this style but it's either that or the demi for 138$ that parents generally favor for their teenage daughters as first coach bag...can't remember the style number for that i think it was 8a05.

  15. Do you have the style number for the small Carly ? If the one above is it, I am having no luck.