Coach boutique deletes?

  1. Well, I just did my pre-order for PCE then decided I wanted a few more things but can't really afford them right now.

    Do you think the Bleecker Leather Hobo and the Legacy wallet in Juniper will be around for the next PCE?

    I got the Hamptons caryall for the September PCE and it was around this time too so I'm thinking the answer is yes.
  2. Yes the leather hobo... not sure about the juniper... the clay is gone
  3. Yes, the leather hobo and the juniper should both be there. The juniper was only released two months ago, so it's got a while to be there. Legacy was released this past August, and they just deleted the clay 3 weeks ago. You'll be okay, I promise!!!
  4. Was the clay sold out or just taken off the line? I didn't even get to see it in person and it looks so gorgeous.
  5. i never mad i waited on the cute boots and now no sizes left...
  6. I know what you mean... I've waited on many things only to miss out..

    I did the math and might go ahead and bite the bullet a little bit.
  7. The juniper and raisin are more holiday colors so I think they will go away. Remember that the post-holiday floorset is geared towards spring....