Coach boutique close to Hershey, PA???

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  1. Hi, all! We will be taking the kiddies to Hersheypark in a few weeks, and I was wondering if there are any Coach boutiques or outlets close by....if yes, please let me know where and how far away from Hershey! Thanks soooooo much! I am hoping to find a "chocolate brown" signature YUMMY DREAM BAG there!!!!!!!! LOLOLOL
  2. I'm not sure how far either of these are, but King of Prussia is a shopping mecca. It's outside of Philly, and google mapping it shows it as 77 miles/90 minutes. If you have the time, totally and utterly worth it.

    The nearest outlet is probably the Tannersville outlets, but those are up on I-80 exit 299. (I used to travel I-80 several times a month so I know my exit numbers, particularly in eastern PA)
  3. I am only 30 minutes from Tannersville! Lately they have been getting a nice selection with alot more signature pieces. I try to avoid that place on weekends! :nogood: I also went to Reading and that is a nice outlet store. :tup:
  4. One in King of Prussia about an hour or so away from Hershey.

    Another in ARDMORE, PA 19003 about and hour 44 min. away.

    WILLOW GROVE, PA 19090 same distance.

    PHILADELPHIA, PA 19103 about the same.

    LANGHORNE, PA 19047 about 2 hours away.
  5. The ones that are 44 minutes away...are they outlets or boutiques and which store do you like the best/recommend?? I dont want to waste hubby and kiddie's time searching for a chocolate bag in Hershey!!!! LOLOL

  6. According to the site , the one i listed is right next to Hershey Park. WoW I haven't been there in ages. Maybe it's time for a trip to the park!:smile:
  7. sweet would it be to find a CHOCOLATE bag in Hershey, PA??? Combining two of my loves - Coach and Chocolate. Now that's what i'm talking about!!! :drool:
  8. Lancaster , Reading & Lahaska are outlets.

    Willow Grove, King of Prussia, Ardmore, Philly are Boutiques.
  9. fluffy...I live close to Tannersville and have not been there in a while due to a self-imposed ban but I was wondering if you have seen the leather embossed signature line from a few years ago at the outlet. I've seen quite a few popping up on eBay recently and was wondering where the influx of these older items were coming from. I am referring to items like this either in leather or patent leather.

    Sometimes the c's are this size and they also have them in the mini signature. Have you seen any at Tannersville?
  10. OMG OMG OMG!!!!! THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH! This outlet center is like RIGHT NEXT to the park and where we are going to be!!!!! I went there last year and there was NO Coach, but I just called the phone number, and there is one now!!!!!!! I'm psyched.....going to bring me home a CHOCOLATE bag from Hershey!!!!!!!!!!!!! (HOPEFULLY!!!!!!!!):yahoo:

  11. Does this one sell Signature? Just for my info. I prefer leather but am looking for another outlet to frequent (in cash, lol).
  12. I called and asked if they sold signature and they said YES, but I'll let you know...we are going in a few weeks and that will be ONE place I make sure I visit!!!!!!!! LOL


  13. Was just at the Lancaster outlet yesterday. It is signature. There were no chocolate items that I recall seeing (as I am on the prowl for those as well) but I was a bit rushed. It's a nice store and had some nice stuff including a couple of FS items that I might have picked up if DH hadn't been there telling me not to buy anything :tdown: It is just down the street from Dutch Wonderland and only about 30-45 min away from Hershey. Depending on when you are going, they are moving into a much larger space within the same outlet mall (Tanger). The space they are in right now is pretty nice but the "moving in July 2007" space that's shown on the map brochure looks HUGE! I'm so jealous! (hopefully they won;t be closed while moving)
  14. Yes for the Lancaster outlet which is close to Hershey. Lots of signature items there yesterday.