Coach Bleecker Return or Keep? Pics inside

  1. My pics are too large to attach so I'm linking you to them.

    This is the smaller bucket Bleecker in wine. I'm 5'4" and can wear it easily messenger with plenty of room to spare.

    One thing I've noticed is that it looks like it's had a bad dye job. It's a little bit darker near the seams. Anyone else notice that on the Bleeckers? Do you care?

    I've taken pics with no flash mostly. LMK what you think!
  2. ohh I like it!! I got mine in INK today, but the large duffle and I wish it hung a little lower, I am also 5'4 and your looks lower on you LOL. how did you adjust the strap??
  3. I got the signature one today in black, and I'm taking it back. I'm not very fond of the style and the signature ones just seem so stiff on the body. and the shape is kinda funky too. The leather ones look so much better tho.
  4. I wish I got ink! The straps adjust like a belt on each side. Mine is not even on it's lowest setting. It could go much lower...or even higher. I guess I can also double the strap over and wear it shorter like a shoulder bag but I didn't want to risk snagging the tag off in case I end up returning it. Even though it's a bucket shaped bag, it's not obtrusive at all. I don't foresee myself knocking into people or racks wearing this bag. On the other hand, this smaller size doesn't hold a ton BUT it will hold more than my Signature duffle of about the same size.
  5. If you are 100% thrilled w/ it I'd return it.

    The bag is pretty and shape looks nice on you, btw!
  6. mine dosent adjust that way I dont think :sad: its a clip on one end and just a buckle on the other. its says its adjustable and I saw them crossbody, so I dont know! I mean I can wear it crossbody, I just wish it was lower LOL

    the leather is very soft, my bag isnt stiff at all
  7. I think the bleeker looks great on you! I would keep it! If the coloring is bothering you then maybe you could go to the store and look at some other ones to see if they are the same. I looked at this purse in bottle green today and I THINK it did the same thing.

    It is totally on my wishlist BTW! I really like that it can go cross body since I have 2 small kids!
  8. I think your Bleeker Bag is awesome and it looks great on you too! I own the Larger Duffle in the Rust and I love it. If you are not 100% loving this bag I would go back to the store and get another one whose coloration is acceptable to you. Best of luck to your and Congrats!
  9. I think it looks great on you and I love the color. You have to be thrilled with it though so if you still have doubts, maybe return. Can you go to the boutique and look at the color at the store and see if its how it is supposed to be?
  10. If your not 100% sure give it a couple more days. But for me it would be a return. Im just not liking the bleeker line.
  11. I'm not a Bleecker duffle fan BUT it really does look good on you!!!! wow!
  12. I always like the Coach duffles (especially when they are worn cross body) and the bleeker is no exception. It looks great on you!
  13. Ooh, I didn't like that bag just looking at it on, but it looks GREAT on you. I like the color and how it varies; I think that's intended for a vintage look. The color is beautiful, too. That would be a keeper for me, but only you can decide if you love it, too!
  14. I've seen the leather on a few of the wine bags and it may have some variations to it, some of it could be from being wrapped up in the bag or it could just be that the dye didn't saturate well. It you like the bag but don't like the dye on the bag then certainly take it back and exchange it. The leather should look vintage and may not be totally even but it shouldn't look odd.

    As for the strap, I double the strap if you want to wear it as a shoulder bag, you can see it on the bags on the website. That way it won't hang too low on you. I haven't seen any of the larger duffles that have been able to be worn messenger style but I haven't tried to adjust the straps any.
  15. Thanks for all the input and and comments, everyone! I just didn't love the color so I returned it this afternoon and picked up a Large leather duffle at the outlet. I actually really liked the style and feel of the Bleeker worn messenger so I'm going to hold off and possibly order one of these in the future.