Coach Bleecker large flap

  1. Hi:

    I went to the store yesterday and loved the wine color in the new Bleecker collection. I like the large flap bags but I usually like to think about things before I buy them, so I left the store. What do you all think about these bags? They remind me of vintage Coach from several years ago. The only thing I wasn't sure about the bags was the long strap length. I was wondering if it makes the bag look a little more for the more "mature"? Do any of you think this bag looks frumpy?
  2. I have the wine flap and I dress very young. Long skirts , boots, and jeans. I do love boho chic bags. These are the bags I grew up with, especially the duffles. Coach was known for these bags and their logo and leather. They have added new modern hardware, a classic shape, and the long drop enables one to get into the bag and it just snaps shut easily. The leather and color of the wine is beautiful. It is bit heavy when full from the hardware much like the Ali. I am truthfully on the fence with it, it is not at all frumpy, it is a cool bag, but heavy for me. I prefer the softer duffle in any color or size at all. See Liz Cordova's cute pictures and bags in both. I hope that helps.
  3. I like the Bleecker Lg. Flap, but I don't like the strap length either!! The yummy leather and chunky, vintage-y hardware make it boho, which I like. But the length of the strap makes it a little old. :sad:
  4. I too am on the fence because of the long strap length, but I looove it in the bottle green. I thought I read somewhere that there were instructions inside the bag on how to shorten it by doubling the strap though? Can anyone confirm this?
  5. Hmmm I found the post I was thinking of - LizCordova said:

    -The Bleeker Leather Flap No. 11428 or Bleeker Signature Flap No. 11436 has an adjustable cross body strap. It can be worn on the shoulder regular size or accross the body. My SA told me that the inside pocket comes with an instruction card that explains how to adjust the strap and wear it cross body. This is a great bag!
    Good luck on deciding on the leather or the signature version.-

    Also, when I used the "try-on" feature on the coach website it showed it both with the long strap on the shoulder, and a shorter strap in hand. I wonder what the strap length measurement is adjusted short and long? I think I will only be getting this bag if it can go to a drop that is closer to my legacy slim flap...

  6. Greenpixie, when I wrote that the strap was adjustable to wear cross body I was speaking of the Bleeker Leather duffle flap no. 11428 pictured below. It has a strap
    long enough to adjust and wear cross body.


    The bleeker flap which you are speaking of in your avatar is the Bleeker
    Large Flap No. 11419 which is this one below in green. The Bleeker Large Flap has an
    adjustable strap (pictured in green below) but it cannot be worn cross body as the
    Bleeker Slim Duffle pictured above. I know this as I had the signature version of this
    bag but returned it (I am not much for signature). When I returned the bag above
    the SA showed me the card inside the pocket which showed how the bag could be
    worn long across the body. Which bag are you interested in, the Bleeker Lge Flap No.
    11419 or the Bleeker slim duffle Flap No. 11428? If the latter it is not available right

  7. I like the long strap length. It's nice to be able to get into it without having to take it off your shoulder.

    Short straps have been in fashion for several years now and I think it's about time for the long straps to make a comeback.

    There is a whole generation of girls that have never known anything different than having a handbag jammed up in their armpits.:lol:
  8. I am with you on this one. I love the longer Strap and for me the Strap could have been longer on my Bleeker Flap (three inches) and I could then wear it cross body.
    The longer strap is very classy and versatile.
  9. LizCordova - Help-I was curious about the bleeker slim duffle flap 11428. I haven't been able to locate iton the Coach web site. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  10. This bag will be available to order on October 5th. The colors are tan and black and the price is $298. This is the all leather version.
  11. Thank you very much. I really like this bag too.
  12. Thanks for clarifying Liz - so very appreciated! I really want the green, so by default it is the large flap I am interested in. I think I am just going to have to go down to the store and try them on before I decide. :yes: