coach black & white patent satchel

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  1. I am totally new to this world of coach bags....just bought one from macys at 40% reducation(was originally for it for 178)....i basically got it just because i wanted to own a coach bag..and was getting a good deal..The bag is pretty roomy and looks like will hold its shape only if it has lots of stuff in it...has anybody bought this bag and has any comments on it
  2. pictures?
  3. I think I have this bag, and I love it. Does it have a stripe? 12430_sbwbk_a0_front.jpg
  4. Yeah its the same bag as above...So u love it..thats great to hear....i love the look & feel too..was just wandering whether it loses its shape if its not packed up well
  5. I have the black/gunmetal satchel and it holds up well except the top corners seem to sink in when you wear it...
  6. i own the same one...i love it! the bottom keeps its shape but the top corners sometimes tend to smoosh in if its not full but i think it looks cute.
  7. I have that in plum and its one of my favorites bags , holds a lot and fits nicely on my shoulder
  8. hmm..botox kind of did it for me:smile:...the bag looks great on u...