Coach Belted Ergo style 11275 in khaki/black signature

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  1. Anyone own this bag? I am interested in purchasing it but I would like some opinions on it from anyone who owns is the drop length (this is the medium size), does it open/close easily, etc....ANY info/modelling pics that anyone can give would be GREATLY appreciated! Thanks girls!!!!
    This is the bag...#11275
  2. I don't have one.. but I like it a lot!! :tup: Coach also says 11 1/2" drop which should be PLENTY for that winter coat of yours! ;)
  3. mommyville have u seen the leather medium belted ergo in black in real life? i am thinking of getting it but somebody posted that it only looks good in pictures and looks "ugly" in real life. that got me double minded
  4. I saw the leather IRL! I didnt think it was ugly at all, but remember....everybody has different tastes and opinions, so if you like it, then GO FOR IT!!!! I REALLY like the belted ergo!!!!!!
  5. really states an 11 1/2 in drop length. Is that accurate? Is the drop length longer than the Ergos from this summer? Because I tried on the medium ergo hobos from this summer and they were NOT a 11 1/2 in. drop?? More like 7 or8 inches.
  6. HMMMMMMM......when I tried this bag on in the boutique it did not seem that long!!!! You may be right!!! I'll have to check that out!!!!!! THANKS!!!!
  7. I just got this bag a couple days ago, and I LOVE it!!!!!!! I had one from the summer too, and I didn't like how it caught me right under the arm. The strap was too short for me, and I am 5'7" for reference. The new ergo has a longer strap, and it slouches better. There is a lot more space under my arm with the new one. It is easy to open and close while it is on your shoulder. I don't have a pic right now, but you should try it on in the store! It is like my perfect bag!!!!!!!
  8. OMG!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!! Can you please, please, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaseeeeeeee post a pic or two???????
  9. Ok... I did it!! I Heart this bag! Hope the pics help!!!
    belted-ergo.jpg belted-ergo-2.jpg belted-ergo-3.jpg
  10. Beautiful Badkitty!!!! definitely looks like it has a longer drop length than the summer hobos....oh, mommyville...I don't know...this is awfully cute! You should definitley consider!!!!!:tup:
  11. WOW!!!!!!!!! That bag looks FANTASTIC on you!!!! Does it stand up on it's own or do you have to lean it up against something to stand it up? Thanks sooooooo much for the GREAT pics!!!! What a HOT bag!!!!
  12. Thank you!!! I really do love this bag! I seems like it is just what I was looking for. It is what I had wanted to older ergos to be, but they just didn't make it. :smile::p

  13. Thanks again! It does stand up on its own! Like I said, it is my perfect bag! It is very roomy as well. Perfection!:heart:
  14. I KNOW!!!! It is REALLY cute!!!!!!!! Thanks to Badkitty for showing us modelling pics!!!! I LOVE this bag!!!!!

    Hey, it lightweight? Lighter than the legacy signature shoulder bag b/c I am eyeing that too...the legacy leather is just TOO heavy for me for everyday use!
  15. It is definately lightweight. I think it is lighter than the Legacy Leather. It feels great on my shoulder.:tup: