Coach being Taken Over by LVMH?

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  1. hmm.. I know nothing about stocks and such.. but I don't know how I feel about it. LVMH owns a lot of brands right?
  2. Yes, LVMH owns a few other designer hand bag brands such as DKNY, Fendi and Celine. I honestly have no idea how things would work out for Coach if LVMH acquired them. If this is true, then LVMH would be trying to increase it's sales and base point/profits during the current worldwide economic turmoil by appealing to a much younger and broader customer base.
  3. Hm.. this is interesting......
  4. What would it mean for the look of the brand and the price?
  5. to me too...

  6. where did you read that?
  7. If you do a Google search on LVMH, you'll find quite a few articles or sites that provide a detailed listing of all of the luxury brands that are owned and associated with the LVMH group.
  8. Wow I am not sure if this is a good or bad thing will the bags start to be pricier and will it veer away from the traditional Coach design that we are used to.
  9. That's my worry exactly. I hope that since the brand has been successful thus far they will not stray, just a change in the management aspect of it.
  10. Oh no...I don't like this thought at all. :sad:
  11. I think coach is going down the drain if this happens :yucky::crybaby:

    if i want LV, i got to LV, but obviously i go to coach not LV! that's bkz i like coach as coach!!! NOOOOOOO! i hope they stay coach and don't merge etc...
  12. This could be DEVASTATING :crybaby:I REALLY hope this doesn't happen. LV needs to leave well enough alone!
  13. That will be the end of Coach, IMO.
  14. All I can see is an increase in price!