Coach beauty & fragrance

  1. Who is a fan of Coach fragrance and their new beauty products?

    They have a body lotion, lipstick, and shimmering powder compact.

    I was wondering how the quality is because I am thinking about buying some of these products as stocking stuffers. Thanks ladies! :flowers:
  2. i haven't tried their beauty products, but although the perfume is decent smelling, it gives me an instant headache and therefore i can't say i like it. also, SO thought it smelled like an old lady.

    however, the perfume solid and the purse spray are very cute and i've been considering them for stocking stuffers as well :p.
  3. I own the perfume and I can address the above point:
    It starts off very much a floral, very classic and clean smelling. Over the course of the day it fades into a more spicy and sensual smell. I get a lot of compliments when I wear this and even when I've had it on for 12 hours. That's rare since most perfumes disappear off of me quickly. Also they only sell this in EDP form!

    The lipstick is a moisturizing formula and it has a nice texture but not a wide range of colors. If anybody has an allergy to nuts I would avoid this as it has sweet almond oil.

    The shimmer powder is very light and pretty, not for people with darker complexions. but it does brighten your skin, it has pearl in it or something, I think.

    Overall I love the parfum the most (no matter if it's the full size, purse size or solid), and next the powder.

    Also check out the body lotion! :smile:

    ETA: Someone told me before that Estee Lauder makes the should be decent. I find the quality to be fab and the shimmer powder has a really cute compact and a soft brush!
  4. can you get it online?>
  5. Thanks Candace!! You are great! :yes:

    I think I will go ahead and purchase the body lotion and two shimmering powders then. My girlfriends will love these I'm sure. I love the compact, it is really cute.
  6. Estee Lauder does make the perfume! My dad works for Estee Lauder corporate, I was excited when I heard that they were going to make the Coach line. I think that the perfume does smell good, but in my experience it wears off a little quick. I do like their cosmetics tho, especially their face makeup & bronzer :smile:
  7. ^^ That is so weird Kristen because the perfume lasts on me for hours and hours! I don't get it.
  8. I thought all they make is the shimmering powder..what other face makeup do they make..?
  9. i am inlove with coach's perfume. in fact my family knows me so well i ended up with 3 of them on my bday. i was wondering about the rest of the cosmetics as well :smile:
  10. I think she was talking about Estee Lauder in general maybe?