Coach Bean bags on eBay

  1. Can anyone tell me what a bean bag is?
    I have been a Coach owner for nearly 30 years and have never seen or heard of this until recently on eBay...
    Can anyone shed some light on this?:supacool:
  2. Hi. There is quite a long messaage thread on the eBay shoes & purses forum about this. The jury is still out on them. No one seems to know anything about them - whether they are real or what. You can go there & do a search for Coach beanbag or coach bean bag.
  3. Coach did make bean bags quite a long time ago, I just recently discovered this when a long time customer was in the store and he was saying how he still has his bean bag!
  4. Oh my God!!! That was my first Coach Key chain. I wonder what I did with it. :sad:

    Anyway I am not familiar with the handbag but I definetly had the key fob.
  5. Some seem to be genuine and from the mid to late 70's but at least half we've looked at have been fakes. And no one's been able to find out WHY they were called Bean Bags. :confused1:
  6. Ah! I'm talking about actual bean bags, I think :confused1:! When I contact the customer next, I'll be sure to ask but there was mention of bean bag something!
  7. There are our bean bag weights in the store.... :graucho: yeah, I have no idea either.
  8. I am not sure neither.. but anyone called the coach 1800 number to find out?
  9. No one at Coach knows anything about it.
  10. Any Coach creed calling the bag a Coach Bean Bag is counterfeit. I just used Google to research because I purchased a bag on eBay & when it arrived, I thought there was something fishy about Coach Bean Bag being in the creed. I sent the link to the seller & they have not responded yet. Oh, I see this thread is old; I just joined the forum.
  11. It's ALWAYS a good idea to check the date of a post before you reply. Welcome to tPF.

    There have been a few (VERY few) seemingly accurate copies of genuine Coach bags with creeds saying "This is a Coach BEAN Bag..." but the vast majority of them have been obvious fakes. The fakes makers apparently copied the creed from a Bean Bag keyfob or desk paperweight without realizing it wasn't a valid handbag creed.

    Here are some examples of Bean Bag creeds.
    The first one has not only a Bean Bag stamp but also a known always-fake serial number.
    The second is one of the close ones, a Madison Satchel Spectator that I own.
    The third is one of the really bad ones with gold stamping and spelling and punctuation mistakes.
    308-9875_Bean-bag-c.JPG Bean Bag_6765-Madison Satchel Spect-sm-e.jpg BeanBag_DenimCreedPatch_FAKE-sm-1.jpg
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