Coach Beach Bag?

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  1. I need a Coach beach bag. It doesn't necessarily have to really be a beach bag, it just needs to be able to be used as one. Pictures would be wonderful.
  2. what about the hamptons tote, i dont remember the exact name but i believe bunnymasseause has one, maybe she will chime in.

    or maybe a signature stripe large tote, the ones from last year that retailed at $298
  3. What about the coated canvas, or the hamptons weekend line?
  4. They used to come out with the Heritage Stripe Resort Canvas totes.. they were perfect for the summer. Also, the Men's Draft totes also work, as well. I don't know if the Outlets carries them anymore though.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

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  5. Maybe one of these?

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  6. I'd totally go with either the older style nylon totes from the Hampton's line OR the coated heritage stripe totes! I don't have an ocean beach but we own a boat and have a beach along portions of our river and I can't IMAGINE not making sure my bag was either nylon or coated!!!!!!

    Heritage Stripe Line - coated canvas, easy to clean

    Hamptons Weekend collection