Coach banner for your signature line!!!

  1. PF member Zzuliyta has been a complete sweetheart and made some coach banners for our signature lines (like the pink one you see under all my posts!)

    Pink version:


    Orange version:


    To put it in your signature:

    1) Click on "Control Panel" on the top of your screen (it's on the bar next to tPF Qara Bag Giveaway and Support tPF)

    2) On the left of the screen click on "Edit Signature" (it's under settings & options)

    3) Copy and paste this for PINK:


    OR Copy and paste this for ORANGE:

    [:heart:IMG] [:heart:/IMG]

    4) Delete both hearts from the tags there should be NO space between the [ and the I or /

    5) Click save signature

    TADA! Pretty new sig bar! :yahoo:
  2. Cool, thanks Sparkles and Zzuliyta! I just added it to my signature. I had already noticed yours, Sparkles, and wondered where you got it. :flowers: :flowers: :flowers:
  3. ^ No problem!! I think it's cute how people have the Obsessed w/ LV/Gucci/Chanel/etc banners in their sigs now! We can see who likes what very easily! :lol:
  4. just trying it out, to see if I did it correctly!!!
  5. yeah, this is a good tutorial on how to add a siggy...
    make sure there is NO space...
    and you close your tags...
    enjoy the siggy! :wlae:
  6. Love it! :o)
  7. Thank you for sharing. Hopefully, I did it right.
  8. What am I doing wrong?
  9. ^ you didn't take the hearts out of the tag.. delete the hearts so the tag looks like [​IMG] and see if it works then!
  10. it automatically took the hearts out of mine when I pasted it.... THANKS!
  11. Thank you, Sparkles.
  12. Hopefully, I have it right now. I forgot to click on Save.
  13. YAY it worked! Everyone looks so pretty with their Coach sig bars!! :love:
  14. And apparently we all love PINK! At least better than ORANGE.
  15. Loves it, thanks Z!!