Coach ballet flatss

  1. post them if u have any

    i want somee...:yes: :yes: :yes:
  2. I want them too, i am just worried they will make my feet look even bigger than they are!
  3. i was about to buy those pewter crackle flats today, but it didn't look good.
    COACH scarf flats.jpg COACH scarf flats closeup.jpg
  4. [​IMG]
  5. [​IMG]
  6. Kallison, what do you wear all of these ballet flats with? they are so cute. I really like the second pair, are those the scarf print?
  7. they're great with jeans. :smile:
  8. wow thankss girls..yeah me 2 im worried about how my feet will look.
  9. I was worried too, which is why my nike shox lay lonely in my closet and I wear my adida track velcos religiously.
  10. hmm i like nike but i have to get a bigger size because of my widefeet..
  11. Oh I LOVE the scarf print ones!! Too bad I missed out on that!!
  12. woopee! i got these for $58 @ macy's today cept in black :smile: i love all ur other flats as well. i want some suede ones.
  13. I want to get the pewter crackle flats, but I need to see them in person before I just to getting them....I do like these too Coach - New IRELAND ESPADRILLE so I have some thinking to do before I buy
  14. I love flats. All of these are gorgeous! I really love those scarf print ones. Maybe my TJ Maxx will have them...
  15. I tried those on yesterday, and was sorely dissapointed.