COACH bags you wish they'd bring back!

  1. I already posted one bag I wish they'd bring back :sad: (heres the same/similar one in black too!) -


    Now you guys post pictures of bags you wish you hadnt missed out on (curse you COACH archives!) :cry:
  2. this! By the time I finally decided on it, it was gone! I called coach and the lady said they were all sold out, so, *hopefully* this winter, it will be re-vamped and sold again, and I'll snatch it up then ;)
    medium soft duffle.jpg
  3. I wish they had the original leather bags in the stores and not just online. I know they have variations of them in the outlets sometimes, but they aren't the real originals like they have on the website now. I want a big leather Coach bag in the original Mahogany leather with the original heavy brass hardware, darn it, but I want to be able to see it first.
  4. i miss the original leather duffle sacs...i have one, but it's old and would like a new one.
  5. Styles #6234 & #6232 :sad:
    6234.jpg 6234_black.jpg 6232_SKHWT_d2.jpg
  6. i just saw these in the mall 2 weeks ago, a lot of them too
  7. [​IMG]

    [FONT=Arial,Helvetica,Sans-serif]SOHO TWILL STRIPE SMALL HOBO $138
    [/FONT]the blue stripe is so pretty!


    [FONT=Arial,Helvetica,Sans-serif]SIGNATURE STRIPE SMALL TOTE $258

    I love the wayback machine, even if it is really slow! :biggrin:
  8. The khaki signature line with white leather and the lilac/silver signature stuff. This was last season's stuff but it is so difficult to find in Canada. I also miss the signature stripe line with the purple suede.
  9. YES ! The large hobo with the purple suede was to die for, and I never got my hands on it. :cry:
  10. I don't have a photo for it, but I always loved the Legacy West Demi Zip bag (style no. 9596).
  11. Oh yeah, the Gramercy line was so awesome! I've got 2 of the bags now, but both well after they were already out of the stores, as I so couldn't afford the retail prices back then. The top handle ones were almost like a Coach version of an Epi Kelly bag, and I still treasure mine greatly. It's also my lucky job interview bag. :smile:
  12. I'd never seen this one before, now I want to cry, too! I've been wanting a Kelly-style bag for ages, not for daily use, but for going out to dinner and stuff. Oh, *sniffle*, this would have been perfect! Time to set up an eBay alert!

  13. They do turn up now and then on eBay, and to my knowledge, haven't been faked. I have a saved search for "Coach Gramercy" and it's pretty good at picking up whatever is out there at the moment.

    Good luck!
  14. kezza this is on eBay right now! No bidding, just BIN: