Coach bags year over year comparison


Oct 5, 2008
So I'm trying to compare bags over certain periods to get a sense of Coach through the years. For example, if I look at the July, August, and September time frame this year and least year, which year do you think had better product, better sales...which product did you like more... for example the Ergo versus the Zoe (Ergo released last year in september and the Zoe released this year in september).

This year: July: Bleecker Leather, Patent, Signature, Novelty

Total Bleecker:
Tote: $298-$498
Sholer flap: $398-$548
Sophie: $348-$428
Delphine: $428-$598...

Additional newness:
Total signature stripe:
Tote: $268-$298
Converitble shoulder tote: $298
Total Carly Sku Adds:
Large Carly: $398-$498
Carly: $348-$398

Last Year July: Chelesea
Total Chelsea:
Satchel: $378-$998
Large Hobo: $298-$898
Hobo: $258-$498
Small flap: $218-$238
Tote: $398-$428
Small Hobo: $198-$218
Flap Hobo: $798
Crossboy convertible: $278-298
XL Hobo: $458
Baby bag: $398

This year August: Hampton's, Vintage, Leather, Exotics, Heritage Stripe
Total Hamptons:
Carryall: $328-$378
Satchel: $498-$698
Medium Madeline Tote: $325-$358

Additional newness:
Total heritage stripe:
Tote: $298
Demi: $198
Large tote: $358
Total Hampton's Vintage:
Shopper: $798-$1200
Clutch; $798
Hobo: $698

Last year August: Hampton's
Total Hamptons:
Meidum carryall: $298-$798
Hobo: $258-$368
Large Carryall: $358-$398

Additional newness:
Total Legacy:
Shoulder bag: $398-$598
Shoulder flap: $498-$648
Satchel: $698-$1198
Pocket flap: $598-$798

This year's September: Zoe, Legacy
Total Zoe:
Zoe $348-$498
Large Zoe $398-$548
Editorial Zoe $598-$1000

Total Legacy:
Flap sholder: $398-$548
Satchel: $498-$658
Tote: $398
Flap Hobo: $1200

Signature stripe Sku Adds
Tote $268
Large Tote $298

Last year's September: Ergo

Total Ergo
Hobo: $268-$428
Small hobo: $198-$228
Large Hobo: $428-$548
Additional Newness:
Total Gallery Totes
N/S Tote
Large Tote

Total Hampton's Leather Embossed:
Medium Carryall
Medium Hobo
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Oct 5, 2008
No one responded to my insanely long post - i'm just trying to see if coach succeeded in its products this year versus last year. How did this year's hamptons compare to last year's? I was a little unnerved when i found out that the hampton's this year had a price redux at full price... How does Zoe compare to Ergo? Which are cuter? Which did you buy - this year's or last year's....


Passion for Fashion
Apr 3, 2007
This is a great list. I like the idea of looking back on past years and comparing it month by month with this year. It's really hard to say which year was better. For instance, I like Ergo way better in general than Zoe, but I don't care for the belted ergos that came out last autumn. There are several bags that I both like and dislike from each year.

I think it will probably be a little difficult for most to compare the lists without pictures of the items I'm afraid.