Coach bags - which one?

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  1. Thanks to Vanilla_addict :biggrin: , I started browsing through the website of Coach and got myself addicted..... Thinking of getting either one.:love:

    What do the ladies think? My hubby prefers the first bag.

    My wishlist is getting longer too...... **big sigh** I also like this wallet from Ferragamo.

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  2. Thanks alot for your reply, Dani. :smile: That's one vote for the blue!

    The large pocket satchel does look cute and sweet. The sad thing is, there are alot of similiar bags around me with this style. So I thought I will try others.
  3. I think the first one was cute too! I got the baby blue one for school and I am lovein it!I also like the one Dani suggested that one just very classic looking and won't go out of fashion!
  4. I like the blue, but I think you should get whichever you will enjoy the most.
  5. I love the blue! I will definitely go with that.
    The two colors on the first one just not my cup of tea:shame:
  6. Get the one that match with what you wear most so you can use it most often. You should go see them in person then you will know which you like the most!
  7. I like the second one, mainly because it's a bit taller and I like that shape more. But think about what you want to use it for, what you'd like to wear it with, and why you want it. It's always hard to choose!
  8. I think the blue has the most classic shape and will look very pretty for spring and summer with that white trim.
  9. the blue
  10. am i in trouble :lol:
    you are welcome dear!! anytime!! :lol:

    my God that first studded satchle you posted..!! is an absolute beauty but in its other color (i posted a pic which is from their online cataloge)..:amuse:
    the other color i posted i believe would serve you more.. and its combonation of colors is just amazing!! but i must say i havent seen in it person:sad:

    i am sure you can examine both colors in person before deciding :smile:

    BUT!! the one that Dani suggested.. is SOMETHING!! OMG i saw it store when i went to pay before yesterday for my upcomming bag..
    i saw both the normal size and the large one in white triming.. My God!! it was absoulutely amazingly lovely!! the large is waaaaaaaay better.. and that white trimming!! oh my heart is beating!!:love:

    about the blue carryall.. not really my choice at all.. niether design nor color :worried: .. // i mean why get this one when you can get one of those fresh looking ones with new ideas that they have introduced for spring.. with metalic or white touches :nuts:

    by the way.. what are you getting it for dear? that'll make it easier to decide!!;)

    mmmm almost forgot about the wallet!! :sad:
    something about that wodden piece i didnt like :sad:

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  11. Def the blue one.
  12. go for the blue. it's perfect for spring and looks great in person!
  13. I would get the blue
  14. I love the second one...the color and shape are really great! Let us know what you decide.
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