Coach bags that give you that feeling

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  1. Ok, I love 06 Mandy especially in white. Everytime I see her I get that going down a roller coaster feeling that I don't get with many bags or many non living objects so that being said, Why can't I love that bag IRL ??? It is so sad to me. It would be the perfect bag but I don't like the way it sits under my armpit like a big log. It makes me sad. I keep thinking if I get a whiskey GIGI then that might give me the same look but will hold more and not so logish but it doesn't do it for me the way MAndy does, sigh ! Does anyone else have this issue or am I crazy ? I need a tote but I know at first glance when they first came out that Ergo tote didn't appeal to me so much. I look at them now and I do think they are gorgeous but that firs impression was just so so.
  2. Well, I totally understand. I love the "06 Shoulder bag, but I hate how small it is. Everytime I see that bag I fall in love al over again. I just wished it was bigger or I could carry less things.
  3. I do agree with you about the Mandy, and also other bags that look better with the packing materials in them rather than IRL with your own contents. I always try to take the packing stuff out and try them now before buying.

    I also am not crazy how the Mandy seems to slouch down under my armpit, and I don't like that the brass dog leash clip ring thingy also slouches either. You're sinks and looks like a log, lol! I love the bag, though, just better in the pics and/or stuffed with packing materials. I find the Ali is better in this regard, and easier to get in and out of (I know they are more secure, but I hate zippers).

    I also love the Gigi...the only thing I don't like is that it's so long it folds over when you sit it down. There's a potential of your things sliding out, especially the inner slip pockets.

    The one that annoys me the most is the Vachetta ergo tote. I sold mine because I hated the way the large one looked on my shoulder (there was a wad hanging down at the bottom). I think the smaller ones are better but sit less comfortably on the shoulder.

    Honestly, though, I don't know that I have ever found the "perfect" bag. The one that comes closest for me in every regard is my Abbey. It's structured enough, yet flexible too, and sits well on my shoulder. It's also easy for me to deal with in terms of getting in and out of. I love it so much I bought both colors!
  4. I loved the Legacy Satchels last year(I think thats what they were). They were absolutely gorgeous!
  5. Thank you everyone. Sometimes I feel crazy for overanalyzing these things but I will be obsessed until I find the right bag. I love the 07 satchels too. But I think if I get one of those I may just be better off getting a Mandy that looks just like an 07 satchel but has a shoulder strap which is more compatible with my life right now. I especially love that bag in khaki with black trim.
  6. I love this bag also. I have come really close to buying one before, but the dimensions scare me off. I know how I am, and i have to have a large bag. But, it is so darn pretty!!
  7. I am using my pond satchel right now. I really love it but not the over the top latch. It's really a pain but I could never part with it. I love my whiskey Mandy. I like my white 06 and raisin 07 shoulder bags. Since they are so small and sit under the arm, I have yet to use them. I think I buy the legacy bags just so I can look at it instead of it being very useful to me.
  8. Shoot I really love all of my Coach bags but I just havent gotten that roller coaster feeling yet:shame:
  9. Of all of the Coach bags I've ever owned, the one bag that has given me "that feeling" is the Bleeker Large Flap. It sits well on my shoulder and tucks nicely under my arm, and is easy to get into. It's definitely larger than it looks and holds a lot of stuff, but doesn't look like an oversized bag.
  10. I know, I have only gotten it with a few bags too. That is how I know I really love a bag and not just "settling" on something just to get something, I hate when I do that ! It is a first impression thing too. It is a rare occasion that I grow to like something. If I don't like it at first glance then that usually doesn't change. Someone else mentioned getting the legacy bags just to look at them even if they are not practical. I feel like this is a problem sometimes for me too.
  11. The large Bleeker flap is a great and underrated bag IMO. I also love the Ali!
  12. I get that with my Polka Dot Bags. I have the tote, the demi bag, and the wristlet, and every time I use one of them I get that "I'm so in love" feeling all over again. It's been love at first sight ever since I saw a drill down picture of them in this forum, and I don't think it will *ever* change.
  13. My denim '07 satchel, I love this bag to death and will never part with it.
  14. My large carly in khaki/chocolate... LOVE this bag! Will wear it till it falls apart on me!
  15. med blakc sig carly