Coach Bags setting off Security Alarms

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  1. Hi everyone. I have recently had several of my Coach bags set off security alarms in different stores... VERY embarrassing!! In each instance, the store clerk says that it is the fault of Coach sewing in a security label. It's strange because I bought these all from retailers, including a Coach FP store and have carried each multiple times without issue. I am wondering if this is happening to anyone else and where are these tags located in the bags?
  2. When I got my some items from a FP store back in December, DH and I walked through Dick's sporting goods store and it set the alarm off. I promptly went back to the Coach store and they had forgotten to deactivate one of the security tags. They just hold it over some scanner device thingamajig. Do you have a FP store you could take it back to so they can do that?
  3. I have had several alarms go off due to my purses.....a couple of times there was actually a little electronic strip tucked away in a pocket, but often it's not. In kohls the SA asked what brand I was carrying after she had rechecked my items twice for an overlooked security tag, when I told her it was a coach ( legacy duffle) she said " oh go ahead then coach always ses it off" .
  4. My husband's Transatlantic Flap Briefcase was doing that. I searched the bag thoroughly, and I found one of those little security tags stuck in the bottom of one of the pockets. I removed and problem solved. Search your bag. There might be one inside of it somewhere (a little rectangular plastic piece with metal inside is what you're looking for).
  5. Yup, I have set off the store alarms with Coach and I feel like the lights are gonna flash and a net will drop over me! :P
    I have found those little black plastic tags in several deletes from FOS like wallets and wristlets.
  6. This. Found the culprit in my wallet after the ladies at Belk learned me by sight after setting it off a dozen times! LOL

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  7. This happens with things I buy from Coach all the time. I don't have a problem with any other brand.
  8. Aha! I think that my wallet might be the culprit since its happened with three bags in four different stores! I tried dumping my bags and then feeling the linings for a strip like this, but I'm going to look at my wallet since I switched it out recently. Thanks for the tips everyone.
  9. This happened to me all the time when I first got my Coach bags. I had ordered all of them from Coach's website and the person who packaged them didn't remove those pesky little tags. The fun part was when I set off alarms at our local Bergner's- the SAs were really nice. They searched my bag to try and help me find it and complimented me on my bag. ;)

    Since I found the last security tag in one of my slgs this has not happened. It has never happened with my LVs or my Gucci.
  10. Happens all the time. Usually it's a wallet or wristlet with multiple card slots and there will be 3 or 4 of the little buggers buried in there. The last time it happened I was in the Coach outlet in Homebush Bay here... the SA's sure had fun when I dumped my contents on the counter and I said "Ok, girls, let's find it cause it's all Coach!" Since most of the items were never for sale in Australia, they had fun looking at my stuff.
  11. Oh my god. I bought a bag online that Coach shipped to me, and on my way home from work I stopped by the grocery store. I still had the bag in the box it came in, and the security alarm went off when I walked into the grocery store! I thought I was crazy, and that it couldn't have been the Coach bag that did it. Why on earth would they have activated security tags on the bags that come from their own warehouse? The bag is for my mom, and she hasn't used it yet and if it's going to set off alarms everywhere she goes, I'm going to be pissed :nono:
  12. This drives me nuts. I've had it happen multiple times with Coach products, especially things I've ordered online. They are often in wallets or smaller items. I've had the outlet or FP store deactivate my bag for me several times after setting of alarms in multiple stores while shopping. I usually try to look for them now.
  13. I'm a bit confused. Are these always removable? Or are they sometimes sewn into the bag/wallet somewhere?
  14. I'm guessing some of them are sewn into the lining somewhere, because there definitely aren't any removable ones on my mom's bag, but I still set off a security sensor.
  15. These little tags are removable: just search the pockets and you should find them. With my items, they were mostly in the wallets, my cosmetic bag, and the siggy c canvas wristlet I received as a VIP gift. Once I removed them, I never set off alarms again. I don't think Coach sews any into the handbags themselves as I use my bags all the time and don't set off alarms anymore.

    One fun way to think of it is that the alarms are announcing you got a new Coach bag. ;)