Coach bags kind of heavy?

  1. I am sure other brands are too but after lugging my Carly around I put my stuff in a Lesportsac to go the gym and it felt so light! It was a nice change. I usually carry the large Carly, Ali, Soho business tote and they all seem heavy after awhile. My soho flap and hobo feel lightweight, maybe because I carry less in them. I was wondering if anyone else was feeling like this.
  2. YES!!!
    Definitely heavier than a few other purses I have. Especially the legacy - and I think the hardware on these bags makes them heavier.
  3. Nope all of mine with the exception of my Signature Stripe totes are HEAVY. I was using the Pebbled Leather Hamptons Tote today and my Mom refuses to hold it when I try on other things because it's so heavy. I had my usual things in it: small LV planner, Coach Soho multifunction clutch wallet, LV checkbook, cles and keyholder, mini pochette with gum, etc inside, phone, pen, pencil, and some girlie things.
  4. coach uses so much hardware lately that they are definitely heavy. i think the lightest bags from Coach i have are the scarf print hobo and ergo tote.

    my ali was killing my shoulder today it was so heavy, and that was after i took stuff out!
  5. oh, yes, definitely! I had to return one of my satchels because it was so heavy it bruised me!
  6. Definatly! I have a Large Patchwork Tote and totally throw everything in it! I can not hardly carry my smaller coach because it just ends up being too small!

    Yesterday alone I had crammed in my bag:
    ipod, cell phone, water bottle, makeup bag, Coach Wristlet, big, bulky wallet, keys, book, magazine, girl stuff, medicines, work badge, cards, contact stuff etc.

    The point being that I didn't even realize how much was in there until my mom said my bag looked awfully full. It was very light, and I didn't feel like my back was breaking when I put it on my shoulder.
  7. Well, it was light for what was in there anyways:p
  8. I just received my geranium satchal (I usually purchase shoulder bags from Coach like the Mandy and Ali). The bag weighs a ton! It is actually 4 lbs but that is without anything in it. At least with the Ali and the Mandy I can place it on my shoulder so it is not horrible. There is no way I can carry this satchel.
  9. oh, i know! those satchels are monsters! they are so gorgeous though, if they could be carried on the shoulder the weight problem wouldn't be so bad.
  10. My leather bags are very heavy, but it doesn't bother me. The legacy with all the hardware. My satchel is sooo heavy, but soo beautiful. I've been carrying it everyday. The things we do for fashion!!! I put my satchel on my shoulder - just push it up there!!!!
  11. A couple of my bags are slim tote and canvas slim flap (both Legacy bags) come to mind here. But once I have them on my shoulder they're both perfectly comfortable. My soho large hobo and my ergo hobo are both really light, though, at least I think so!
  12. Krispin which is the Hamptons pebbled tote. I have one that I got at the outlet, dark brown and beige signature silk lining. Somehow I pack that bag and it does not feel heavy to me at all no matter what I put into it. I have a brown wristlet to match. Love it. I wanted to get it in beige, but was afraid of dirt or even in the black pebble with Coach on the bottom, for it is so comfy with the buckles on the shoulder. Your collection if so vast and gorgeous. Where do you store them and how do you decide what to wear? So beautiful. I love the poppy, tried to get it on eBay and it went in larger for $275.00 every darn time. Beautiful stuff!!!!!. :yahoo: Happy 4th!!!!!
  13. I don't own any of the satchels, but just looking at them makes my shoulder ache. I have shoulder problems when wearing bags so I have to go for the smallest, lightest thing available. For that reason, I bought a Carly demi. It's great and holds my stuff (which isn't much), but my shoulder still hurts after a while. When I got my small sig Ergo in the mail thursday, It was very light but far too small and I was afraid to go up a size for fear that it would be too heavy. Plus like I said, I don't carry much and it seemed like a waste of room and money. But I did exchange for a medium and I'm very happy that I did. The bag's not *too* heavy for me...but that's also because I really have nothing in it (mini skinny, iPod, cell phone, keys, checkbook). Occasionally I'll stick my make-up bag in there and it adds some extra weight but so far I'm happy with it.

    I couldn't imagine myself carrying around a huge satchel, and it's funny because for the longest time I would lust after huge bags. I've finally realized that they're just not practical for me. How about you try something like an Ergo?? I LOVE mine!
  14. I have a Mia satchel and yes she can get kinda heavy. Ergo doesnt get heavy to me... Signature tote doesnt get heavy to me either.... and my chelsea hobo is not heavy at all. East by west signature duffle doesnt get heavy.

    I think heavy material plus heavy hardware will definetly cause a heavy bag.
  15. I have a black leather Soho satchel from like 3 years ago, and it is NOT heavy at all. The leather on those is a lot "lighter" than the current Legacy. And I love totes so I usually transfer everything from my tote to the satchel come winter. Maybe I'm just used to carrying heavy bags, but they never seem heavy to me. The only thing about the satchel is that I sometimes have a hard time shopping with it cause I'm a "touchy-feely" shopper and use both hands to handle everything. Those are the times a DH comes in handy (tho he frickin' HATES when I do that!)