Coach bags in game claw machines @ arcade...

  1. Has anyone seen this? :p

    I went to Universal Studios Hollywood today & stopped in the arcade. They had a claw-machine with a few last-last season bags in a machine.

    Of course I spent about $10 on that stupid thing. The claw was really loose, yet I still kept trying anyways. lol :nuts:

    Didn't win anything though! :sweatdrop:
  2. someone posted about this a few months ago...did you take pics? i would have spend around 10-20 just trying!!!!!
  3. haha YES i took a pic!

    i will come back n post it soon tonite when i upload my pics!

  4. AWESOME I cant wait to see it!!!!
  5. here ya go!!!

    UniversalStudios 136.jpg

    UniversalStudios 135.jpg
  6. holy cuss word batman.

    i'd have spent probably 30 bucks standing there lol, bummer! that is WILD. IMAGINE WINNING OMG i'd tweek. lucky terds, i bet some ppl win the first try.... ERGH.
  7. That is pure craziness! :upsidedown: Thanks for sharing pics.
  9. How funny! That would be nice to win, especially on the first try!

  10. lmao... THAT made me laugh my arse off dude... LOL goofball!

    dude i just imagine myself poppin a quarter or 2 in some stinking machine and frolicing off like some flower child through a field of daisies with wristlets coming off of every appendage. i can dream can't i? lol... wild wild. :roflmfao:
  11. ^^^^^ LOL.

    It was $1 a try. Come to think about I really think I spent more than $10!!!

    I was aiming for the SIGNATURE C's the whole time.

    At one point I felt like I looked too desperate so I quit b/c this one girl was sitting a few feet away & kept looking at me.

    I then eventually came back to the machine n tried a few more times!

  12. ohhh wow!!! who ever wins on the first try is sure one lucky person.
  13. OMG, I SO wanna give it a try! So tempting..!
  14. I am the WORST at this games. I would not even try as I have never been able to get anything from those machines (and trust me, with a 4 and a 5 year old, I have tried!)
  15. Who said that Disney was only for kids:biggrin: