Coach bags at

  1. good price on the sunglasses!
  2. Im sure they are authentic....
  3. OMG -- I really like the east west duffle, I don't think I've ever seen it before. Now I have to see about digging up the $200 for it . . .
  4. Yes! Finally, some where other than
  5. :biggrin:Costco has everything!
  6. I saw those black and pink sunglasses at the Coach sale last week, but even with the 25% coupon I thought they were overpriced. Costco's price is more in line with my thinking.
  7. Their stuffs are authentic. =)
    I the medium Hamptons tote! It's one of the bags I always wanted to get, I highly recommend it as a work bag. It's simple and elegant/classy. It's not available at, can we (residing in US) order from
  8. Unfortunately, their shipping page says they only ship to Canada.

    I love the Hamptons tote, too! It's the bag that I've been eyeing for months and months but just can't afford. Although, $300Cdn is a good price for it, I think. The larger one is $540 Cdn at the Coach store.
  9. Has anyone ever ordered from them ??
    Any problems ??
  10. Geez I didnt know Costco sold Coach? Do the stores also? I like Marshalls and TJ Maxx but they usually dont have a lot to pick of cute Coach.
  11. Sialia, thanks for checking the shipping information.
    Hope you will be able to afford it sometimes in the near future. =)

  12. Thanks, bag.lover! I think I may have to just go ahead and get it in the fall because I know that I'll use it almost every day during the fall/winter/spring and so, in the long run, the cost won't be that much (compared to the crappy bags I usually use that start to fall apart after a month or so).
  13. Costco stores do; they have the Coach bags in glass cases
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