Coach bags and winter coats

  1. So I just got the Sig Stripe Large Carryall a few weeks ago, and hope to continue carrying it throughout autumn/winter. I just bought a beautiful winter-white coat and am hoping the two will look good together. What do you guys think? Do you carry your signature fabric bags in the winter, or would investing in a nice leather hobo or something be a better choice?


  2. I think they look pretty together.
  3. I think you'll look so sharp in that!
  4. m gettign a black sig back for my winter coats. i find in our canuck winters the khaki will get wrecked and doesnt look right w our really heavy coats here
  5. I think the bag and coat look awesome together but leather would be nice for winter. That's what I'm wanting for first leather Coach.
  6. thanks guys! Yeah I've been saving up for the Ergo hobo or the Beeker large flap, I'm thinking black, just for a different style and something I can wear over my shoulder more with the winter coats if I'm shopping or something. thanks again for your opinions :smile:
  7. I LOVE your coat, its gorgeous!
  8. I think those will look great together! Very classy! I have a black sig soho flap from 04 that I have carried every winter since. I think signature is fine for winter, its the pastel Scribble that I think looks out of place when its cold. Just my $0.02, though!
  9. I know you're asking about the purse, but that coat.........:drool:
  10. I think it depends on how cold winter gets where you are. If it snows, then signature wouldn't look right. If it is just a mild winter, it will be fine.