Coach Bags and Gadget Geeks Do Mix!

  1. While visiting one of my favorite gadget websites, Engadget, I noticed that one of the advertisers was....Coach! :tup:

    I've always known that today's tech savvy mom needs a great bag to haul her gear, and I guess this ad placement just proves my point!
  2. Whoo hoo! I am living proof that Coach and gadget geeks mix. I am a tech junkie (not to the point of Coach but close :upsidedown:). My big decision when I get off of ban will be new Coach bag or pink Blackberry Pearl?!?
  3. I am the same way! Maybe there is something in the water in Texas...? hehehe I only took the plunge and finally bought my first Coach because there were no gadgets that I NEEDED at the moment!! Now I want a new phone, AND a Legacy '06 shoulderbag...but first item on the docket is a new MacBook!!

    I wish Coach made more technogadget cases, though, that were not just outlet finds. A girl has to be stylish even while she's being practical! :smile:
  4. Umm... probably because it tracks us and knows we're OBSESSED with Coach. ;) I get some funny ads on random sites sometimes that apply to my hobbies....
  5. I agree that there are some seriously scary software products that track our viewing habits and insert tailored advertising; it would be funny to test this to see how many people actually end up seeing the ad....

    Also, I do regularly delete all my cookies, temp files, etc. and go on a witch hunt for spy/adware...still, I thought this example was pretty cool.

    Somewhere, I picture tons of geek-happy girls whippin' out their blackberries or tucking their palmtops in a Coach gallery tote. :p

    I just think there's nothing better than seeing a gearhead with a smokin' handbag!
  6. Another Texan Coach/tech addict! And a Mac addict at that :p Love my MacBook!
  7. Coach didn't pop up for me, it can't be because I don't do enough Coach stuff! That's about all I do! :roflmfao:

    Okay...what is this about a pink Blackberry Pearl??? :woohoo:
  8. Verizon has come out with a pink Blackberry Pearl :love:
  9. I take it you have verizon?? how do you like them I was thinking about getting that phone 2

  10. I JUST got a new blackberry like a month ago and then the other day I see a pink one :sad:
  11. Here is one more Texas Coach/tech addict!! I am planning on getting an Iphone this summer!!!! hehehe!
  12. I've had a few different carriers over the years (first cell phone was in 1997) but I've stuck with Verizon the past 6 years. They have really good coverage (best coverage where I was in rural-ish MD). They are a bit more expensive and don't get some of the cool phones like the BB Curve (although there are rumors) or iPhone but their phones are usually pretty solid. The thing I dislike about them is that they bastardize the phones to remove some of the function of bluetooth (like sending files) and leave them with a limited OBEX so they can sell their GetItNow things. And from what I have read, they have crippled the GPS on the BB so you have to pay 10/mo for Verizon Navigator (which I use on my current phone). All in all, I will probably re-up with them for another 2 yrs next month when my NE2 discount kicks in...
  13. Doesn't that suck? I hate it when that happens. I actually paid full retail on a phone once because they came out with it six months after I had purchased my other one at a discount. I really really wanted it so I bought it. Thankfully, all of my other phones have been with some sort of discount.
  14. Haha, I noticed those ads too! Good to see I'm not the only confirmed gadget freak on here. :smile:

    I like verizon's pink pearl but as folk have pointed out they greatly cripple their handsets and I can't deal. My sapphire one is fine for now. Hehe.

    (posting this via said Pearl, lol)
  15. I went to play with the Pearl today while running an errand with the boys. DS#2 didn't give me too long in the store :push: (but hey he's still getting over being sick) but I did play with it enough to know that unless they come out with something else (like the Curve) in the next 5 weeks, this will be my next phone 5 weeks from now when my NE2 hits. Even with the limitations that VZW has, this is still a kick-a$$ phone (AND it's PINK) :love: