Coach Bags, accessories, shoes 25% off

  1. I received a card yesterday from coach that said 25% off everything except jewelry and gift cards. It said the discount is valid September 15th - 23rd and you must bring the card with you. No copy of the card, no phone orders, and only during the designated dates...

    However, I got a call from my local coach store and they told me to come in today and get the discount. I didn't need to bring the card, and all my orders were ordered through their catalog, since the store didn't carry what I wanted. The SA was super nice and I was able to order sunglasses from last year which I couldn't find anywhere.

    I think you can contact your local coach store and mention the sale even if you don't have the invitation card. As we all know, coach usually doesn't have any good sales, so I was happy to get these items:

  2. I got this card in the mail also...just not sure what i want tho...hmmmm
    I love that yellow bag you have pictured..did you get it??
  3. For me, it's the COACH RAINBOOTS!!!!! YESSSS!!!
  4. Yeah, I bought the ones above. For boots, I got the one with stripes. The catalog had a lot more styles and colors than both the web site and the store.
  5. I just purchased the new dog carrier. Can't wait to receive. they also let me keep my coupon in case I want to buy something. If anyone needs a coupon you can have mine, PM me.
  6. i really want that yellow bag. Is it a good size? Does it fit on your shoulder nicely?
  7. anyone? I was wondering the same thing.
  8. coach store in Manhasset will not doing anything unless you have the card!
  9. see the bag at

    the size is 14 (L) x 8 1/2 (H) x 4 1/2 (W)
    I haven't seen the purse in person but I heard that it's really pretty. I am supposed to pick it up on Tuesday and I can post pictures if you want. The sale ends next Sunday so can decide in the meantime
  10. Do you want my card? If you send me a message with your address, I will send you my invitation (priority mail so you still have time to shop). =)
  11. Congrats on the leigh bag. It's gorgeous!

  12. That's so sweet of you! :idea::idea::idea:
  13. The store in Huntington Mall, Woodbury and Roosevelt Field (Long Island), have always given me the discount without the card. The stores are all within 10-12 miles of each other and are very competitive for the sale.
  14. LOL! Yea SAs want to add the sales to their record so it doesnt hurt to just mention the sale or nicely say that u've heard of the sale and didn't receive ur 25% off card. I know the Seaport location in NYC will also gladly give u the discount too.:heart:
  15. greenabyss- Thank you so much for offering, but I ended up getting a card from my friend.
    Thanks again, you are to nice!