Coach bag?

  1. I am liking this bag and assume it's coach? Anyone know the stylename, price and if it's a shoulder or handheld, if it comes in other colors?

  2. That's crazy!!! I would never pay that much $$$ for a Coach bag :sad2:

    Thanks for all the details though!
  3. Yeah I know what you mean. I have no idea why Coach is moving out of its "affordable luxury" niche market. It's kind of disappointing. Hopefully it'll hit the outlets, although from what I've heard, it's yet to make an appearance.
  4. Its a nice looking bag, I've thought about that one too.. even though I've been a Coach fan, not sure I'd spend that much for one of their bags...

    I'm going to take a good look at it though next time I'm at the Coach store.
  5. I have been seeing that coach bag around the web. It is so cute but the price tag *Yikes!* sorry wouldn't pay that much unless it was an lv chanel mj,
  6. I've heard that purse prices are going up this year for some reason. :sad: I hope Coach doesn't go up too much.