Coach Bag to match Coach boots

  1. Hi! I'm new here! did a search online and found this forum. Maybe you guys can help me!

    I am new at this coach buying thing! My boyfriend bought me coach boots for Valentines Day (the Reece boots in Natural Brown with laces up the shaft, and knee length). Anyway, I was trying to find a bag to match them. I thought that the Legacy collection in Whiskey would match, but it is far too reddish for it. Please help!
  2. Can you refresh my memory with a pic of the boot? I don't remember which one that is.
  3. I don't have a picture of the actual color but I have one of the boots (got the picture off eBay). The color is similar to whiskey or cognac but without the reddness. On the box it says Natural Brown as the color. I haven't seen any bags with that color as a name. I've seen whiskey, saddle, chocolate but no natural?[​IMG]
  4. Did you see any pics of the color on eBay? That could help out.
  5. Nope not in boots or bags. Most colors have names with coach, right?
  6. Yea, but shoes are different. They don't have legacy colored shoes as far as I remember. Let me look around and see if I can find something that matches in brown.
  7. There is a natural color for legacy. I'm showing it on Here is a link to the Ali. I can't get the pics to work for some reason.

  8. that's the thing! the only natural coach speaks of is a light brown. The shoes are more of a medium to dark brown
  9. I figured out the color! It is cognac not whiskey. The only bags i see in this color are two limited edition bags. Does anybody know of anything else or where to find them?
  10. Thanks for your help!
  11. I give up! The cognac didn;t match either... but a sales associate at macys was kind enough to look in the back and bring bags out that would and I find a near close match in this bag! and just tied the scarf on the side like in the store[​IMG]