Coach bag that resembles a Mini Nikki?

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  1. I dropped by a friend's house last night and she couldn't wait to show me the Coach bag her husband got her for Christmas: a dark grey hobo with a subtle metallic sheen that at first glace I could've sworn was a Mini Nikki. Anyone know which style it is? I haven't paid much attention to Coach lately.
  2. I believe it's the Zoe?
  3. I think that's it... I don't recall if it had the thumb clasp on the strap or not. I promised I'd bring my Mini Nikki over for a playdate asap. She's been a Coach junkie for years... time to find a new obsession :P
  4. Yep, It's a Zoe. I have been eyeing the Suede ones for some time but am just not sure I want to deal with Suede. I don't care so much for the Non suede ones.
  5. The Zoe has a buckle strap on the side, and the Carly has the upside-down Y with side hardware like the Nikki. If you saw a metallic sheen, it might have been the silver Zoe.
  6. I don't think Coach copied the Nikki. They aren't similar at all other than the fact that they are both hobos, IMO.

  7. ^ That's the one! No, they're not copies of the Nikki, just similar at first glance with the side hardware and hobo design.