Coach Bag Or Chanel Bag!

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  1. which bag do YOU think i should get?!
  2. well, your posting in a chanel Its safe to assume that the gals would say chanel :p
  3. Chanel
  4. uh, Chanel!
  5. I have both brands but are they specific styles in each brand you're looking for? Go for the one you like regardless of brand.
  6. Kara, i would say chanel. You know me:yes:
  7. hands down - CHANEL!
  8. chanel all the way!!!!
  9. omg, is this serious? haha..i dont think its comparable! of course, CHANEL!!!!! CHANEL ROCKS!!! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  10. Definitely Chanel
  11. Chanel!! :yes:
  12. lol! Chanel!
  13. chanel!
  14. Totally Chanel!
  15. yeah, coach and chanel aren't in the same, i guess it depends on what you want it for?

    If you can afford Chanel, the get that.