coach bag not on website

  1. Yes it is an older style. I am guessing you live in another country so it may be different.
  2. I've personally never even seen that bag, there used to be a Hamptons hobo that looked like it but nothing like the one you pictured.
  3. there was a hobo with a clip like that...but the one you're showing isn't quite right...
    is that site where you ordered it from?
  4. I actually bought the bag from the Coach store in Yorkdale Mall, Toronto. But I was searching online for a pic of the bag... that site was the only one with a picture of my bag.

    I found it soo strange that there's no picture of the bag anywhere.... even if it is an older style. :confused1:
  5. gimme a few minutes and i'll see what i find.
  6. Thanks:yes:... yes it's very similar except the strap on my bag can be shortened to carry it like that hobo or long to carry across the body. I'm beginning to get paranoid and think it's not authentic:sad::wtf:.... but then that couldn't be since I bought it from a Coach store.