Coach Bag, Model #11115, Season?

  1. I *think* it's from spring last year but I could be wrong.
  2. I don't remember that one from last year. The C's on it look a little weird to me.
  3. That looks like the green/brown scarf print from Fall 2007. It's really cute!!
  4. spring-summer 2007.
  5. It's the green scarf print but I have no idea which season it was.

  6. This is from spring/summer 2007. I believe it came out in June 2007.
  7. Yes, I bought this bag last year in June according to my receipt. :tup:

    Keep in mind the corners wear quite quickly. I've used mine maybe 8 times and I knew you couldn't use it daily n such but I still like her a lot. I also like how different each of the prints cane come out too!
    forgot to use macro on the 1st 2 shots
  8. shouldn't the green be....greener? :confused1:
  9. This bag is authentic. It may have not photographed as green as it is IRL due to to the camera flash. There is an outlet mark on the creed. This is real.
  10. OMG.. Thanks everyone for replying and feedback as well :tup: Now I'm totally going to get this bag.. My first Coach :heart:. Again thanks for the replies