Coach bag haters?

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  1. I can't help but notice lately all the comments about how Coach is not high end, even in our own sub-forum!

    :wtf: - Is it because of the affordable price tags that these babies carry? That makes me think that people who claim they like bags because of how they are made are full of :censor: . A well made $2,000 bag is ok but a well made $300 bag is not?

    Not everyone can afford a thousand dollar bag and not everyone wants to own one! Just because the bag doesn't cost a whole paycheck doesn't mean it's not high end!

    There are tons of ladies on this forum who like what they like, regardless of price - whether it be a Chanel or a Coach :love: , Thanks ladies!

    But I also see some snobs who wipe their butts with my $300 bags, and to them I say :yucky: LOL.

    Whether the bag is $10,000 or $10, LV or Target, like what you like because you are drawn to it, not because people will know you spent tons of money.
  2. I Agreeee!! :smile:
  3. I'm sorry, I must be living under a rock because I've never seen anyone beating Coach up in the Coach forum.
  4. Never beating up, people are not rude here.. but I read comments every once in a while that make me cringe!
  5. Oh. I wouldn't let it get you down because believe it or not, there are haters in all the forums. Not just Coach. I love most lines so I see a lot.
  6. I've noticed this, too, a bit. I do love Coach, I love the designs, the bags are durable, and they are affordable.
  7. Yeah I know what you mean. I just ignore it though, thats their problem if they want to be snobs. Shame on them!
  8. Totally agree!

    Label whores will be label whores - I'll admit at times I'll spend more on a product because of its name.

    In a word? Yes. High end bags are high end because they are in a higher price bracket. Being deemed "high end" has nothing to do with how durable or how "well made" the item is. The term "high end" is a status term - it's a term of luxury. The more "high end" a bag is, the more prestigious it is - the more status it brings to its owner. Carrying Hermes is deemed more prestigious, more luxurious than carrying a Coach bag, no? I think people have different opinions of what "high end" means.

    Regardless, I'm a bag lover. Who cares if Coach is "high end" or not? Does it really matter if people think Coach is "high end" or not if you like their bags? If you like the bag, you like the bag - there's no point in debating what "class" Coach is in.

  9. look at Fendi... some of the quality on their bags is not so great, yet the pricetag is huge... 2000 for a spy where pieces are falling apart... and not doing what they should be doing...

    But honestly, some coach bags are overpriced... those Legacy bags are not worth 800 IMO...

    Just wear what you like and let the snobs say whatever they want, just dont let them get you down. :smile:
  10. Thank you ladies for all your posts! :love:
  11. I like bags that I like. To me I don't care if a persons bag is from Kohl's or LV. If it's cute and I find out it was $15 I am not going to turn my nose up at it. It is nice to have more expensive, higher quality bags like Coach or my other fav Marc Jacobs--but trust me I have more Coach than Marc! With my Marc bags I am always watching and am super aware of it all the time because if anything happend to them I'd be out a lot. Coach, to me, is a great combo of style and I won't have to stop eating for a month to afford one.
  12. All I can say is where can you take a bag in for repair, be told it can't be repaired and get 40% towards your next bag?

    Name a top designer that does that! So go ahead and enjoy your Coach.
  13. ^^^ TRUE! When I was having an issue with my bag, they sent me full store credit to buy a new one or something else! (I opted for something else.)

    :shrugs: I like what I like. Sometimes it's Coach, sometimes it's not. I hate the whole price snob thing.
  14. I think Coach makes quality items. HOwever imo I'm not so impressed with the last few seasons, and wouldn't necessarily spend my money there. But that doesn't mean Coach doesn't hold a special place in my heart and closet.

    Keep in mind I only had the money to buy a LV bag because I hadn't found any COach I felt was amazing in like 6 months.
  15. Coach has been around for years and will be for many more! I bought a coach the other day and I love it! I love my Lv's, Gucci, Fendi...Im sure most Hermes owners would think my bags are cheap!!! LOL...I would never buy a Hermes..that is just way OTT for me. Enjoy your Coach...they are made well, and the new styles for fall are darling!
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