Coach bag fake???

  1. Hi:

    How do you know when a Coach bag is fake? Like for example, if you are in the mall and you see somebody with a Coach bag how you recognize if it is fake just looking quick?
  2. I don't have any secret...I guess I can just tell by almost 20 years of loving them! You look at enough of them and you "just know"...:yes:

    Most of the Coach bags I see around here are fake...the biggest thing around here are the horrid fake bag parties:throwup:! Seems I hear of one every week or so...:confused1:
  3. I just got invited to a purse party...UGH.
  4. I think after awhile, even if the fake is "good", you can just tell. It's hard to explain, but the fabric on a fake just looks SO different.
  5. I made the mistake of going to a purse party a few weeks back. Yuck! Each of the 'designer replicas' was $120+ and very poor quality. I felt that I had to buy something and bought a black suede purse (not sure of the material or brand that was copied) that was last year's style according the saleswoman and was 60% off. I gave it to my cousin who was in high school and she was thrilled. Still, I was furious after leaving the party. The saleswoman kept saying how the Coach replicas were made on the same line as the real thing. Ummm....the wallets were glued together! I had my real Hamptons Signature Checkbook wallet and when I was paying, another guest asked to look at it to compare it to the replica. Needless to say, she didn't buy the replica after seeing the difference in quality (and the replica was $80!). Some women were buying 3 or 4 purse because they were 'great deals.' At that point, take that same amount of money and buy a real one that will actually last through time! Plus, the saleswoman kept commenting on the quality of my mom's Dooney & Bourke 'replica' purse. It wasn't a replica! It was a real one and I know b/c I bought it for her last Mother's Day. Mom was totally insulted b/c the woman kept insisting it was a replica! At that point I had already purchased the one purse and wanted to give it right back to her! Never again will I go to one of these things!

  6. ^^^ EW!!! I am sorry. Never feel obligated to buy something there, they make an obscene amount of money and don't need your hard earned cash for their fake, gluey grap.
  7. So true!! Several months I ago I went to the DEAnza flea Market and at every other booth they were selling fakes. As I was walking I went into to one to see whatthey really looked liked and this girl hadt 6 FAKE channel purses. Man just save money and get the real thing!(I thought to my self) I looked at her like gross. Even my DH looked at her funny. He told me I will never buy you a fake purse I want you to be proud carrying around the real thing. Awww so sweet!! :tup: Sorry went a little off topic.
  8. That's awesome! My BF totally has the same viewpoint. He gets really proud of himself when he can identify a fake purse hahaha!! ... also I think he just likes saying "Goach" :p
  9. LOL!! mine does too!! OR he'll tease me and say soo what cooch bag are you wearing today? Dork! hehehe.
  10. It's funny, I never noticed any fakes when I lived in Orange County, CA nor was I invited to any of these "purse parties" but after moving to AZ, I'm seeing lots of different fake versions and got invited to a couple of these so called "purse parties". I never attended them, of course, because if I'm going to buy fake and spend $80 to $150, I'd rather buy a no-name brand from Target or something like that (some of Target's items are better constructed than the items from these "purse parties". *LOL*) . But luckily, I'd rather save my butt off for the Real Deal and my DH agrees with me! :tup:
  11. I was at a tanning salon today and they just started selling fake coach bags. I asked to look at one - it was khaki carly. It looked authentic except for the stitching on the handle. It also had the coach material inside. How do these guys get away with this???? They were selling it for $150.

    I told the sales guy that the orig prices were not that much higher and it was a rip off trying to sell these.

    I will probably be banned from ever going there again.
  12. one pesron buys teh label and starts using it u notice things about your bag from being aroudn it all day .. your bag becomes apart of you and you just know when somethign is nopt right when u see another person's bag that is "from" teh same company...
  13. after owning something for so long, you just know when something is the real thing or not. for me its louis vuitton. i can spot a fake a mile away, but because i am just getting into balenciaga its hard for me to tell
  14. it's really not a $$$ issue it is a quality and personal thing. I just went to some of the hidden type shops in the fashion district in NYC .... we saw all the fakes and Coach and D&B were offered to us at $25 a peice. (I have alot of co-workers who load up at these places and have the purse parties themselves). I refused to buy anything but my co-worker did. She bought alot of Coach for Xmas presents. The outside looked really good but the inside was such crap.

    She picked on me a little for not buying the fake. Giving me the "theres no difference" lecture. But there was. I would feel sooooo ugly carrying that bag. Pretty on the outside but falling apart on the inside.