Coach bag care: Scotchgard?

  1. Hi all!
    Sorry if this has been discussed previously. I just bought a large khaki signature carryall with part vachetta. Am wondering how do I keep the signature fabric part as clean as possible for as long as possible? I've got a can of the Scotchgard Fabric Protector. Can I use that on the fabric?

    In addition, I understand that the vachetta leather will darken over time. I kind of like the pale color that it has now. How can I prevent it from darkening too fast, and also keeping stains to a minimum? Scotchgard has a leather protector. Will this work? Has anyone tried it on their Coach?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Welcome to tPF!
    I was under the impression that the Coach fabric already has a protectant on it. I wouldnt put scotch guard on there. As for the leather alot of people on here use Applegard or Shining Monkey ( I am not too sure of the names as I dont use either).
  3. Yeah all of Coachs fabrics are water & stain resistant already..I guess people use the scotchgard for precaution. As for the vachetta I have no idea how to keep it "like new" condition..if anyone here does..please speak up. You all know I don't like the turning of the leather.
  4. If you're using the Scotchguard Farbric Protector, make sure that not one speckle gets onto leather. That is a big boo-boo. Don't ask how I know. They also make a leather protector but as mentioned above, Coach's fabrics are treated already to be water resistant.
  5. I use shining monkey on my bags ... it is a fabric protector but is a leather one too! I used it on my vachetta and twill soho bag and it still looks brand new. I bought mine off Amazon.
  6. Hi!
    Thanks for the replies.

    I have read about the Shining Monkey and Appleguard, but I doubt these are available in Malaysia, where I live.

    I did a test on my bag and sure enough the water beads up. I was thinking as time goes by, the coating may wear off eventually and I may need to use Scotchgard on the fabric.

    Has anyone used the Scotchgard Leather Protector on the vachetta? Any luck?

    Since this is my first Coach bag, I'm a little nervous/paranoid. ;)

    Thanks again.
  7. Well when I bought my signature fabric heels, the SA at Coach told me that it had a water resistant fabric protector on it already, but I should use Scotchguard on it to be safe anyway. I used it, and nothing happened to the fabric. but i have a purse that has the khaki signature fabric on it and I've never done anything to it, and it's still perfect, three years later.
  8. Thanks Faith!
    It's good to know that the fabric does "survive" a few years.:smile:
  9. You're welcome!! I wouldn't even baby it too much! They are really meant to last.
  10. Does anyone know if i could use the Scotchguard on my Coach sneakers that have the jacquard fabric?

  11. Me too!! I also use Apple Rain and Stain, but for Vachetta, hands down I prefer S.M.!
  12. So is Apple Garde good for signature jacquard fabric specifically the sneakers or is Scotchguard better?

  13. For shoes I know I'm going to be out in messy weather with, I usually use the heavy duty Scotchgard. It stinks like crazy, though!
  14. LOL, it really smells? oh well, anything is good enough for me when it comes to taking care of my Coach!! thanks for the info!:flowers:

  15. Caution, though, because Scotchgard can darken things! I've used it in the past on Tylie suede bags, but I really prefer Apple or Shining Monkey when it's a concern. I have not had it spot leather, but some people also report that. I spray from a distance, though. The heavy duty is probably worse than the regular too. If I used it on anything Coach, I would be careful! :yes:

    Yeah, I do think it smells...might want to spray outside!