COACH Bag Ban til June.. anyone else with me on this??

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  1. Ok, so I posted a thread on how I'm not going to not be on here "as much" and to not spend $ on bags right now... so I decided that I think I should "ban" myself from bags for a little while... anyone with me on this? I'm going to set a particular month until I can get a bag again... I'm going to ban myself until at least June (because thats when PCE is :graucho:) so ne one else want to be on this ban w/me until June?? I'm making my signature signify this so that I can keep reminding myself this everyday...
  2. OK, sounds reasonable. Don't feel sad, you have some great bags. ;) It's ok to look at other people's and realize that you can only carry one at a time anyway. I think I also got a little obsessed at first, but I am trying to be reasonable.
  3. :tup: o i know, i don't even really have a "collection" of bags... i seriously own like 5 bags... i'm just saying that i don't really "need" these bags, but i mean i like wearing a variety of bags... i just want to ban myself... are you in w/the bag ban hisgeekygrrrl?
  4. LOL June? Yeah, Im most def banned til june....NEXT june!! I am so cut off! Too much debt to pay down...but Im sure my next trip to the boutique or outlet and my will power will be nowhere in sight! (I need to find some of that!) :P
  5. YES!! As a matter of fact, I just bought a hat this weekend, and am really thinking I should take it back..
  6. wooo hooo i'm so glad that some of you are on a bag ban w/me til June... i think it helps me stay positive knowing that there are other coachies out there that also have this addiction to bags/accessories!! ;) plus i know i should be able to do it! just til June! :sweatdrop: I'm not feeling the urge to buy... so thats good! haha :lol:
  7. Well, I wouldnt go so far as banning myself, but after my satchels, I really dont forsee loving anything enough to purchase it until maybe the fall.(although an August vacation to Disney will definitely include an outlet trip, since I dont have one close by at all!) However even when I dont plan on buying lots of stuff, this board is still helpful. I wouldnt have even tried to go to TJ Maxx this morning, and here I am w/my 79.99 holy grail black wallet, so its ok to read, just dont be influenced to buy from everyone's purchases.
  8. O yeah for sure donnalynn! i'm surprised i've only bought 3 bags since i discovered this forum! LOL :lol:
  9. I'm on a bag ban until my birthday! (june 12th) Then i'll be on one until Christmas.

    I'm with you!
  10. YAY alatrop! We all can do this together..:boxing:. I don't think it will be that hard either... it'll be a nice change on the wallet!
  11. I am banned until NEXT year!!!! I have so much credit card debt, and I need to pay for our 10th year Anniversary party. After I sell a few things, and buy my wallet I am done!!! AND I am allowed accessories next month for my birthday.
  12. ok, after I pick up my signature stripe wristlet from MAcys that I pre-sale on april 30th I will be on a ban too. I definitely need to be on a ban if I am going to have any money or gift cards saved for my vacation in july where I will have access to 2 outlets ! I am going to try to stick to it too and also limit my time on TPF.
  13. I almost feel like doing this (actually, I DO feel like doing this), but I'm not going to lie, lol! I do intend to purchase for F&F (already have a small item reserved), and also I'm taking an outlet trip around the end of the month. I know I'm sure to purchase stuff then too. But after the PCE (IF I get one, and I guess even that's uncertain), I'm going to try my best not to purchase anything else for a while unless I absolutely have to have it.

    For sure I will say I'm banning purchases at retail price from the boutiques, especially if I don't get the coupon this time. Purchasing retail is only hurting me anyway, and all it does is give me the bag a bit sooner than if I waited for Ebay, outlets, or other sales. I'm ashamed of myself that I've purchased this much stuff as of late directly from the least 4 bags just in the past couple of weeks!! Not to mention a few other little goodies too. Just terrible!! :shame:

    Thank you for posting this, because thinking about all of this carefully this morning has really been a wake up call for me!!
  14. wooo hoo! your w/me on this Mrs.MC!! YAY!! I know that I shouldn't be excited being on a bag ban, but TBH, its nice to know that there are other coachies out there who are w/me and can understand the situation I am in also! :tup:
  15. O no problem bag... it was a wakeup call for me this morning too when my boyfriend kind of made me realize i'm getting a little too carried away in the COACH area... haha... i mean i realized it, but i just think i had to have my boyfriend tell me that just to assure me that i really have an addiction just even looking and talking about bags in general... i think its driving my boyfriend CRAZY! :wtf:.. LOL