coach bag archives?

  1. i have a bag that i am looking to sell. i used to love this purse, but it has gold accents and i have recently moved on from my gold jewelry phase, and can't bring myself to wear this bag with silver. (i know, i know).
    the only problem is, i am not sure of the name, and was wondering if anyone knows of a website where you can find coach bags from past seasons?

    the # is AO6K-7473.

    i would appreciate the help!
  2. I only wear silver, but I have no problem wearing my legacy with brass.....I don't even match my bags to my coats or clothes, if I like the bag, be it red or orange I wear it with
  3. i freakin love that bag. :drool:
  4. Funny, another member just bought one today.
  5. ^ i know! nobody mentions it and then there are two posts in one day about it!
  6. Hey! My ears were ringing! I can't wait for it to come in! I ordered it from coach for my boss over the phone. I think I might want to get one for myself. Thinking, thinking, thinking...on a ban...but, I am thinking, thinking!

    Is the one your going to sell the chocolate?:confused1:
  7. it is white w/ brown c's. it is a really great bag, but i never use it anymore. you don't see a lot of people with it.
    also, i only paid half price when it was brand new - the perks of having a best friend who works for coach!
  8. All I can find are ones on eBay, waiting to see if I find anything at the outlets in a few weeks,thanks