Coach bad luck or quality issues??

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  1. I have had 2 issues in thes last 2 weeks with stitching problems. My gunmetal alexandra the zipper pull stitching came out and now the inside pocket of my glam tote is unstitched . I just got the glam tote on Thursday and cut the tags yesterday. I ordered this along with my ocean teal maggie which has issues too. I am taking the maggie back because of the color but the leather is wrinkled in part of the bag and smooth in other parts making it look weird.

    They did send me another Alexandra but I exchanged it for the ocean teal maggie. I am ready to give up!

    Is it weird that I have not had ANY issues with my MFF bags?
  2. ive had so many coach quality issues latelly, at least 10. its not bad luck, if it is, i guess i have the same cloud over my head!
  3. Me too.
  4. I find that you really have to inspect the bags now. The QC is not what it used to be.
  5. I inspected a purse before I take it home. I tell them I want to see the bag to inspect it before they box it up. The last Madison Maggie I bought had the stitching coming put on the inside pocket, which really bothered me so I returned it. I have recently bought a Mia Maggie and it seems in great shape.

    I do think it's a quality issue, not just bad luck.
  6. i thought if its not up to your liking you can send them in and get them fixed. or am thinking of something else. my gran is a purse diva and she is always sending in her purses to the manufacturer and getting resolve
  7. I had that bad luck before with a Spotlight Poppy bag in Patent Leather. I must have exchanged it then for like three times. Ever since then, I stayed away from Patent leather because I'm afraid of it peeling again after a few weeks of usage.
  8. It's a quality issue.
    I always inspect the bag before they ring up my purchase. I tell the SA I want to see the bag to check it for problems. About half the time, the first one they bring me has problems, and I've had to check up to 4 bags (Maggie) to find a good one.

    When I bought the Brynne, the first one had a big mark/scar in the leather right on the front of the bag (SA said he was going to send it back) then he went back to check for another and was gone quite a while, and when he returned he handed me my bag and said something that led me to believe the others had problems also.

    I wonder if the Coach personal in the Coach stores inspect the bags when they come in or before they give them to the customer, maybe rejecting some of them? That may be why so many people who buy bags online, or order them from the store, get bags with problems? There's no one checking them for problems at the warehouse.