1. alright. we know each other pretty well on here, eh?

    soo...let's give awards! (yes, this is drinking induced. be happy i can still type!)

    most knowledgeable?
    most obsessed?
    best enabler?
    biggest collection?
    most improved collection?
    most likely to blow all their cash in 2007 on coach?
    most likely to make impulse purchase (past and future!)
    most likely to sell their soul for the bag of their dreams?
    best person to sympathize with your ban?
    best person to live vicariously through?

    add to it, ladies!
  2. haha this sounds fun!
  3. biggest collection: kathyrose
  4. we need to be like the hermes ladies and have a secret pal type thing too.

    oh, the ideas are flowing...
  5. biggest enabler: kallison
  6. you better believe it. :graucho:
  7. most knowledgeable: sprinkles
  8. Can I cast a vote for myself?

    And can I nominate Kallison for this one? AND kiari?

    Cha cha (after her last pond legacy purchase...)
  9. and I know the person who is most likely going to blow everything on coach: will NOT be kallison because she's selling off and restraining.. maybe I Chanel
  10. talk to me AFTER i come back from the outlet tomorrow...:push:
  11. most obsessed: [only with accessories] anotheremptysky!
  12. most likely to make the most returns should also be a catagory LOL!
  13. biggest lover of leather?
    biggest lover of signature?
    biggest lover of crazy colored stuff?
  14. most improved collection: SO_FEMME and krispin41
  15. biggest lover of big bags?
    biggest lover of small bags?