Coach Audrie Boot

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  1. Does anyone have the coach audrie boot???? I was looking at getting it but my calves are thicker (15.5 inches) so I was wondering if they ran small?????? Some brands I can fit into while others are just way too tiny! Thanks for all your help!!!! Do you have any riding style boots in other brands that fit larger calves????? I actually ride in the hunters, so I do have an actual pair of field boots but I would just feel odd wearing them with jeans hahaha!!!!! I figure I want a designer pair so I would feel as if they were different from my normal boot haha!
  2. I think I might order those, too. If anyone has pics, I wold love to see them!:smile:
  3. I bought a black and brown pair of Coach boots similar to this but with a little higher heel and they were super comfortable and I wore them all winter.

    I like the style you're looking at and Im thinking of getting
    the Addie boot, anyone have this one?