Coach at Winners in Canada?

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  1. Today, I was browsing through the Winners in Toronto on Front St and I came across the metallic star key fob (and of course, I bought it!). It's like this one currently listed on ebay:

    So with all the talk about Coach items appearing in TJ Maxx in the US, has anyone else in Canada encountered Coach at Winners? Last week, I had also overheard two women discussing a Coach diaper bag one of them had bought at the Scotia Plaza Winners.

    Just wondering if I should go Winners hopping to look for more Coach items! :smile:
  2. I understand that the best places to look are the downtown ones.: Scotia Plaza, College Park, Front St etc. Also, try big ones like Vaughan Mills. Winners stocks by demographics so I assume the more money the neighborhood is, the better chance they will have. Let's just say there are none around me lol! I went to the Eg. and Laird one today and no luck. But you can totally tell the women there shop differently. Everyone was scrounging around looking for labels rather than looking for just a nice looking bag (the only thing I found 'designer-ish' was a beige Cynthia Rowley).
  3. The bloor st one is also decent, I've seen rock&republic, true religion, some fendi belts, and once even a coach canvas bag! It's definitely worth checking out:tup:
  4. but isn't winners the tj maxx of canada? ;)
  5. Yep, they are. Same with Marshalls. They are owned by the same parent company - TJX Companies.

    I find that TJMs tend to have a better selection though.

    Hmm... I think I will have to go check out the Bloor St. and College Park locations soon. :yes:
  6. I saw a few Coach wristlets in Winners a few months ago, but they weren't in the greatest shape :/
  7. I found a mini-sig tote-style Coach bag (sorry, don't know the name of the style!) at my closest Winners (South Keys, Ottawa) a few months ago... I didn't buy it, though. I've also seen a few different styles of Coach shoes there.
  8. That's what I hate about Winners, everything looks so trampled on. I guess that's why it winds up there :shrugs:

    Maybe I should start a separate thread, but has anyone had any luck at Holt Renfrew Last Call?
  9. I remember reading that someone on this forum bought a pair of Coach sneakers from a Winners store in Markham.
  10. holts last call has mostly leather bags, they're behind a counter so you have to ask an SA about it. There were 3-4 the last time i went (early july ish)

    If you're entering from the mall, it's the counter closest to the doors on your left. HTH!
  11. Thanks so much mattking2000! :smile:

    I did a search on the Winners website and narrowed it down to the stores with the added Runway section in Toronto and came up with the following locations. Although it didn't list the business distict stores downtown. I figured Runway stores were more likely to carry designer bags.

    I'm thinking of hitting up the Bathurst location today so I'll update if I see anything.
  12. I got a tweed wristlet for $30 at the Winners by Spadina and King. They also had a few large (like approx 14" X 12" X 2") carryall (somthing like a mega huge makeup bag) in brown sig. I think it was like 40 or 50 bucks. I'm not a fan of the signature print so I passed on that.
  13. Well I just got back from Vaughan Mills and checked out the Winners and Holts Last Call. Negative on both :sad: Not a single item in accessories, jewelry or shoes.
  14. Thanks for the update. I may drop by the King & Spadina location tomorrow to see if they have anything new.
  15. #15 Sep 4, 2008
    Last edited: Sep 4, 2008
    Did anyone find Coach items at the Winners Runway event today? All i could find were:

    Soho Mini Signature Wallet
    Bleecker Holiday Patchwork Tote and Duffle
    Coin purse/cell phone holder in gold zebra-like trim

    Anyone found any signature/leather bags?

    They were all half-price, but couldn't convince myself to get the patchwork. So I only got the wallet.
    Is 80 dollars a good deal for a mini signature wallet?