Coach at Union Square, San Fran..anyone been?

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  1. I'll be staying a few nights in SF for a conference and will be in a hotel on Union Square(yay!) and wondered what the Coach store (or any other great shops) were like there. I'm so excited about all of the shopping there: Coach, LV, and Chanel, oh my!!:woohoo:
  2. There are tons of shops around union square :smile: NM and Saks are right next next to union square as well! (And if I'm not mistaken a CHanel boutique is just down the street from NM)
  3. ^^^ Dont forget Tiffany and Marc Jacobs hehe.
  4. and Macy's (sometimes have great Coach sales), Hermes and all the stores (including a smaller Coach store) in San Francisco Center - there's a fabulous Bloomingdales there as well - it has a nice Coach selection - they had Bridgits, Francines, Gigi's - a lot of the newer bags. I was just at the flagship Coach SF store on Sunday and they have a lot of stuff - they have the Legacy Thompson Hobos (one of two stores in CA to get them) and those new Soho leather bags that just came out. That store is huge and carries a lot of things other stores never get -enjoy and have fun.
  5. The Coach store in Union Square is amazing. It's two levels and the basement is all shoes! I was there two years ago but anywhere you shop in Union Square is great.
  6. Thanks everyone! I'm so excited to go, I just wish I didn't have to sit in meetings all day. I'll only have my evenings free to shop, but I'll definately make the most of my time! I can't wait!!!:yahoo::yahoo:
  7. What hotel? I stayed at the Kensington Park and loved it. Personality hotels has a bunch of boutiques there. Coach is actually right "off" Union Square and there is a BUNCH of fabulous shopping. Behind the 8-story Macys is a lot more shops with a mall they were building in '05 that has Bloomies.

    The Coach is 2-floors. To be honest, that is the first trip I ever took that I didn't buy a new bag.

    Have fun!!!